Atlantean Artifacts and Leng

The ancient scholars of Atlantis had access to other realms of reality through their use of rare crystals. Their mystical metallurgical transformations could create trans-dimensional  windows and portals. Their atlases and maps are difficult to decipher because they require  the lost Atlantean lenses and peculiar algebraic glyphs.

Perhaps of interest to some is that the Atlanteans were able to view  and record images from the Lost Plains of Leng.  Leng, supposedly where the Black Pyramid is sometimes located, is reputed to be where different realities converge ( according to the works of Abdul Alhazred) . In the tale, Celephaïs by H.P. Lovecraft, Kuranes barely escaped “the high-priest not to be described, which wears a yellow silken mask over its face and dwells all alone in a prehistoric stone monastery in the cold desert plateau of Leng.”  Could this image be of  ruins found on Leng ?

Here is an image of the many eyed Wind-Walker of Leng. It guards the House of The Dark Dreamer.

The Wind-Walker  commands the many Wings of Leng.  This Atlanten Wall holds images of the Wings of Leng, ……… or are these creatures somehow suspended in the Atlantean wall, like  insects caught in Hyperborean amber ? Careful, they may fly free from your monitor if the resolution is set too high or your neural synapses  reach sufficient quantum entanglement !

This last image is the most amazing Atlantean Artifact of all, behold ….. The Dark Dreamer of Leng !

This is the Dark Dreamer of Leng. He who lives in the Palace of Shattered Chances. He who commands the  many wings that fly above and through the edges of Leng. It is said that his domicile is constructed of the bones of amoebas, forgotten vows, and the horizon at twilight. He feeds on echoes and vampires who dare to sparkle.  He is the patron guardian of dimly lit corners, the tears of lost children, and discarded plastic forks.  He prevents that which wears the Yellow Mask from walking the paths of men. It is said that it was the Dark Dreamer who first showed a young H.P. Lovecraft how to safely pass through the Hedge of Shadows and go beyond the fields we know.

Who knows if any of these speculations and tales are true ? We can only wonder at the artifacts left behind by the Ancient Atlanteans and hope that these shadows of the imagination entertain.

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