Hyborian Artifacts

Where was Hyboria? Was it the same as Hyperboria?  It depend on who you consider to have the best information or the best imagination. The Ancient Greeks spoke a land where the days lasted half the year and the night lasted the other half of the year. Rich in exotic artifacts, such as amber, it was said  to  be a large island or series of islands north of the British isles. Norway, Iceland, Greenland , or perhaps it was a land hidden behind Arctic Fog and Magical Magnetic Black Holes. Robert E. Howard gave a detailed description of the  Hyborian Age and composed narratives of  that  great pulp hero, Conan of Hyboria.

Clark Ashton Smith, another Weird Tales Magazine contributor, composed a series of tales set in a version of  Hyperborea that looked like an inverted version of Greenland.

The following images are of artifacts of Hyperborea or perhaps Hyboria. It is difficult to tell, the veil between realities is stretched thin – like the spelling of the name.  In any case, here are images of Hyborean glass and stonework. Perhaps they were part of a temple, palace, or rich tomb. They may have come from a wizard’s tower or a alchemist’s sanctuary.  Perhaps they just belong in a Hyborean kitchen – hot mats ….cutting boards? Maybe they are just digital memories of lost dreams.  Were you a Hyborean in a previous life? If so, which version do you remember, ……..and how was it spelled?

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