Findlay Bros. Co.

It is interesting where photography and the internet can lead you.  For sometime I had been thinking about photographing a number of items around the house that I thought might make interesting compositions. I have also been working on creating some backgrounds and old style photo edges. The photo edges took sometime. I did some research on different methods using Paint Shop Pro X and Photoshop.  After a few tries of different methods I got something I was satisfied with – for now. I am still working on a Polaroid style photo edge.

One of the photograph subject-items of interest was a small metal door on the side of the house. It was intended for cleaning the original wood fire chimney. The house was constructed in 1957 for the original owners.  Our present  heating method  is natural gas. The little metal door sits in place with nothing to do, except weather and age.

Embossed on the door is the company name, Findlay Bros, Co. Ltd., Carlton Place, Ontario. After doing a little bit of an internet search I found out a bit of historical information. The Findlay Foundry operated in Carleton Place from the 1860s to 1974, making cast iron cookware and wood-stoves. Some of the designs created by this company are still being made by another company. Carleton Place (population 10,000) is a town in the eastern portion of Eastern Ontario, Canada, in Lanark County, about 46 kilometres (29 mi) west of downtown Ottawa on the Central Ontario (Highway 7) route of the Trans-Canada Highway. It is located at the crossroads of Highway 15 and Highway 7, midway between the town of Perth and the Canadian capital, Ottawa.  (Source: Carleton Place, Ontario ). For more in-depth historical information  checkout  the Carlton Place Local History Blog.

So my little photography project lead me to discovering a bit of Ontario history and that a part of the house’s structure contains  that history.  I told my wife about my discovery  and that original Findlay wood-stoves and other products are collectibles.  She wasn’t entirely impressed, 1957 is a little too close to both our birth-dates.






7 thoughts on “Findlay Bros. Co.

    1. elmediat

      I know they are considered collectibles. You would have to do a search on the net to see if there are any contacts. I guess if there are any antique dealers in the your area you could see if they could assist.

  1. Trevor

    I have a Findlay Meteor 48-16 cookstove, I am looking for a diagram for the inside and outside of the stove so I can put it together properly and use it

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