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Impressions of Nature 2

Here in Elliot Lake, ON., nature leaves a rich and varied  set on of impressions. The opportunities for photographers, visual artists, and the general public to view and capture these impressions arrive every day of every season. Some try to capture them with a camera or a some other medium, in the hopes of recreating an as accurate re-construction of nature’s work in progress.  Others try to convey the emotional quantities derived from experiencing nature’s creations.  Still others hold the impressions in their memories to share later in words.

Here are a few of my efforts at capturing  impressions of nature. The original photographs were taken this past Easter weekend.

Looking across Horne Lake from the Miner Memorial you can see one of the bridge walk-ways that forms a part of the Sheriff Creek Nature trail. If you look carefully you can see on the left one of the interpretive signs that are posted along the trail.

Along the trail itself , the transition from winter to spring was underway. In shallower more sheltered area the water was gradually warming, though ice was still evident on the nearby ponds and lakes.

Right at the edge of the trail my wife spotted the newly opened pussy willows.

Other parts of the trail showed a different face of the transitioning season.


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