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Professor Palindrome’s Chrono-Postcard 1


Dear Lady Finchdale,

                                       It has been more than a century since I was last in your gracious presence; from your perspective this message arrives mere minutes after my departure and I have experienced only an hour and thirteen minutes in my new surroundings. From either point of view this marks a historic event; you hold in your hand the first successful chrono-exportation postal delivery.  You are at home enjoying the spring of 1891, while I am here in the colonies in the spring of 2011.

By the by, The Dominion of Canada, as they now call it, has numerous provinces and stretches across the upper half of the North American continent. I am presently located in a small community of Elliot Lake – in the mid-Northern part of Ontario province. What is quite remarkable is the economy of this  town is mainly based on tourism and retirement. A whole generation in their late fifties and up can retire to a life of leisure and comfort. Unfortunately there is a growing uneasiness as the number of senior citizens begin to out number the young in this part of the world.  As always humanity is unbalanced – age, gender, education, and income – on a happier note is that the pursuit beauty, harmony, and art are still with us.

The photonogram – you were correct about the calibration of the phontonic image capturing device  and the aetheric imprinting plates sensitivity –  on the front of the postcard is of a commercial garden nursery where garden hobbyists can purchase a variety of plants, ornaments, and garden maintenance equipment. Interestingly much of the aesthetic  harkens back to our own era or that of the Japanese culture. This present era is such a mix of contradictions . For example, this community’s main economy had once rested on lumber and mining. The ore that had been mined here was used for a power source and medical purposes. The cost became prohibitive and there has been much debate over the value of this power source.  Remarkably, for all of their technological and scientific prowess, this society has yet to master the use of the aetheric stream. They struggle with the search for alternative energy sources and can not see the obvious answer.

I must bid adieu as the aetheric steam engine is almost fully charged for the next chronal exportation and I am eager to see what time has in store for me. Hopefully the next postcard will  not be too soon/late.

There is much that we do not know about Palindrome or his technology. We don’t even understand how the text on the back of the card scrolls while you read it. For a bit more information on Palindrome click the postcard above.


6 responses

  1. Those vibrant colors really jump out of the earth-toned background and textures! Very cool! 🙂

    July 13, 2011 at 2:38 pm

    • elmediat

      Don’t know why I did not respond to your comment much earlier. Must be a chrono- imbalance of attention deficit. 😀

      March 17, 2013 at 12:22 pm

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