Half a Lemon is Just Great


Remember that when life gives you half a lemon take a photograph. Try and see the bright side of the photo-mat. Don’t get unglued or  caught up in unnecessary  bureaucratic tape.  Get some Canadian Cheddar Cheese and life will be great, more or less.

7 thoughts on “Half a Lemon is Just Great

  1. I envy your sense of balance, compositionally speaking. I really struggle doing simple crops to straight photographs. Your first photo is great while the second one is grate, too!

  2. What a coincidence, speaking of cheese, yesterday I had the most wonderful blue cheese imported from France on my salad. The taste was so powerful….gosh I love cheese.

    Nice art as well, the collages you create are well done. You find some wonderful colors merging themselves into various shades.

  3. Very cool – I really like all the detail you’ve captured in that lemon. The textures almost look like they could be an extreme close-up from the peel as well… nice!
    And how can you go wrong with cheese or anything cheese related? I don’t know that it’s even possible!

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