Antique Impression: Air Pressure

This image entitles, Air Pressure, combines a photograph of our barometer that hangs in the front hall and a recent antique texture layer ( the one I  mentioned in the previous post).  This was the post I was going to do this evening before my multi-messa-about diverted me into Daguerre in Toyland  sequence. Many migraine sufferers are sensitive to abrupt changes in air pressure, so I thought this image nicely complements Migraine, a post on Aberrant Art by Sheila Moore. Sheila took up the challenge of using my freebie texture from my first Existential Friday.  I hope that is not caused the migraine. I know from my wife’s experience with migraines how debilitating they can be, so it is really impressive to see Sheila turn this recent bout into art.

May you all enjoy the coming week without any pressure, …. um, how many shopping days till Christmas was that again ?


5 thoughts on “Antique Impression: Air Pressure

  1. great image and thanks for the mention. It was nice to be able to put a visual description on those horrible experiences. I have already had a commenter who suffers from them as well, relate to my piece. Hope you have a great week and that you do another prompt sometime soon 🙂

  2. I love this image. I have an obsession with the weather and have always wanted, but have never owned, a barometer. I love the 1960s style colours and clock imprints. Beautiful.

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