Daguerre In Toyland

Women multitask, Men multi-mess-about.  While I was doing my muti-mess-about ( sounds vaguely Australian, but is global phenomena), hit on what will be a new photo-sequence that I call Daguerre in Toyland. While I was messing about with textures and ideas for some photos things got all mixed together. One idea and technique kept bumping into another. I had taken a couple of shots that I was hoping to use for a second Existential Friday post. The subject matter came about as I was preparing some Christmas Material. Among some shots were a couple I thought could work be used to create an Antique/Victorian texture – which might work with the Christmas themes.

As this came together, and I tried to come up with a texture realized I had a potential frame layer for a Daguerreotype . When I put this together with the Christmas themes I was toying around with ( bad pun for the amazing photo-arty spilledinkguy at Refrigerator Magnate and  J. A. Robinson of The Daily Graff ), I had the beginning of a photo sequence.


Note: For more on Daguerre see:  Daguerre (1787–1851) and the Invention of Photography , A Brief Guide to Becquerel Daguerreotype .

For more on people who are creating  daguerreotypes and other alternative processes see: AlternativePhotography-Gallery

Also check my two previous posts see: Flower-gram 1  and  Captured Light

2 thoughts on “Daguerre In Toyland

  1. Wow! Thank you so much for your kind words! And you know that I love old photographic processes – I think you’ve done a great job of capturing that spirit, here! Old Louis would be proud! I’m still hoping to make some wet plate images of my own some day…

    1. elmediat

      I will look forward to seeing your wet plate images. The chemical processes are a bit too much for me. As close as I’ll get to wet plate images is if I photograph the dishes in the sink/dish-washer,…… hey now there’s an idea,…. Daguerre in the Kitchen !

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