Winter’s Cold Comfort

Winter’s cold comfort

Creeps up, surrounds us

First with Hoar-frost.

Ice and sun-light fight for dominance

Winter spreads her white comforter .

Winter’s insistence wins the day

With cold nights and wind chill.

Birch trees face the grey sky;

Snow-squalls twist paper-thin strips.


Winter leaves a marker;

The white line is drawn.

Snow trails lead us,

Our quest  for treasures

Undaunted, obstacles will melt away,

But not today.





The wolves are at the door,

The snow piles up.

Wind rattles the hinges –

Howling sunlight

Brightens the afternoon

The house cat waits for the arrival of Spring.




The window reveals small creatures

Scampering through snowflakes.

The sunlight reveals black seeds.

Wings flutter, golden light hangs

Between snow laden branches

And window sills.




Long shadows are drawn across the snow

Winter’s markers point  the way.


Winter’s cold comfort

Creeps up, surrounds us –

Snow, shadows.

The house cat waits for the arrival of Spring.



Note to viewers: For those interested in technique/method, the first image consists of ten layers. Two were texture layers and two layers were versions of the original image. The rest of the layers were different  bits and pieces.

For those who missed the earlier post on Hoar-frost click the link –  Hoar-Frost in Black&White.

The second shot is of a frosted passion-flower blossom, what a contradiction. Not only has the mild weather extended fall season, but some tropical plants are blooming right up to winter’s first touch. For an interesting comparison see Nandini’s posts –   Snow & Rose – Yesterday and Today    &  Himalayan Snowfall (Part II) – Landscapes & Trees .

Real winter arrived late this year.  Even though the snow and the minus 15-20 degrees Celsius ( without wind chill ) may impress some, our amount of  snow is below normal and “the dry cold”  only lasts a couple of days with temperatures rising to zero or above. The thermometer has become a see-saw.

The wolves were painted by my wife.

For other perspectives on winter and nature see:

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25 thoughts on “Winter’s Cold Comfort

  1. Nandini

    Great photos and great editing. It made them so beautiful and even more great. 🙂 My favorites – Winter marker, the long Shadows & the winter window. 🙂

    And thank you so much for mentioning my blog and my winter posts here. It was a lovely surprise and I’m grateful. Thanks a lot. 🙂

    Stay warm, and enjoy.

  2. Wow! You’ve been very busy this winter (and it’s definitely paid off)!
    I’m particularly fond of the piece below ‘winter’s markers’… it’s so elegant!
    And your wife has some very impressive painting skills, too! I know I’ve said this before, but you have one very talented family, sir!

  3. enjoyed your words and the images to match.
    winter in Ontario is a love hate relationship.
    we dread it, yet it brings comfort and occasionally fun and joy.
    cheers from Ottawa!

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