Surreal Thursday: Crow-Magnon

The Crow-Magnon  is a traveler, a messenger, and at times, a bit of a trickster. Through the window he flew to his lover, the Moon, carrying gifts of his devotion. His gifts were rare things indeed, the Bones of Contention, the Eye of the Needle, the Last Mile, the Masque of Noh Regrets, and the Lost Thread of Thought.  She was pleased with these gifts and all was well.

Now you would say this is not much of a tale. Where is the conflict, the angst, the loss and recovery that make for compelling narratives ? I suppose they flew out the window.

Backyard Noh Crow

When the Moon became pregnant with her daughters, The Tides, Crow-Magnon became worried. How was he going to support a family, especially girls? Rare gifts were easy compared to the cost of dental care and dance lessons. At least the Moon had enough Beams and Shadows to keep their daughters in fine dresses for the rest of their existence.  So Crow-Magnon did what he had to do. He fled back down through the window to find a pebble.

I can see that smile on your face. At last we have a hero on a quest for a magic object who will face many obstacles in his way. Well this is going to be quite the tale now.  And you would be quite right.  Crow-Magnon swam across the sky , past trees, clouds, and lanterns till he came to the Beach who was washing the Sea’s feet with pebbles.

” Mind if I take a pebble ?”, inquiring, as he planned  how to snatch one when he was refused.

“Take as many as you like.  I have thousands more where these came from.'”

So Crow-Magnon  quickly picked the closest one to him. It was between the Toes of the Sea.  The Sea sighed because, to tell the truth, her Toes were getting a bit irritated and were starting to complain loudly. This was causing Waves of Discord  to run towards the receding Horizon.  The Horizon was timid enough and ran away from everyone, so the Waves were aggravating an already bad situation. Would-Be Travelers  were changing their itineraries. They could not afford the time and expense of a journey to some Lost Horizon. So Crow-Magnon’s actions, like the flapping of a butterfly’s wings, had quite the calming effect on the whole situation . As a consequence, Crow-Magnon was considered quite the hero by Travel Agents and their clients worldwide.

As to the smooth little pebble, he put it in his pocket and went looking for a wire to sit on. He had acquired this skill when he was at the circus hiding from disgruntled mountain ( don’t play bridge with mountains unless you’re willing to deal with the occasional rock slide). He sat there considering what to do next.

He was about to go looking for a pine cone when the Moon, now totally full, drew his attention. He quickly flew through the window back to the arms of his loving family. The Moon thought the pebble, which had no special properties what-so-ever, made a lovely earring.  The Tides had perfect teeth and were naturally graceful.  And as for the Sea, she and  the Tides formed a  Rhythmic gymnastic troop and toured worldwide.

As you can now tell, this was indeed quite the tale and as I said you were quite right. Well, except for the obstacles and the magic object, he never did get the pine cone.  As to the veracity of this narrative, Crow-Magnon told it to me himself. So how should I know?  I told you he was a bit of a trickster.

21 thoughts on “Surreal Thursday: Crow-Magnon

    1. elmediat

      Thanks for the comparison. I was familiar with the work, but I had to check the name. The component pieces were done earlier and came together recently. I was talking with one of our native students about fantasy books and trickster stories. One book that came up was the anthology, The Coyote Road (ed. Datlow & Windling). At home my daughter is watching the Into The Woods DVD (Tony award Musical) over and over. Downs people can get like that sometimes. All this came together in creating the images and the narrative.

      1. nice knowing 🙂 – btw: many years ago i used to sometimes watch over a teenage downs girl and she listened to Abba music over and over again – i didn’t and still don’t know why downs people can get like that – and there’s no need to, is there – but it triggered me thinking there’s something very comforting in repetition, something that has to do with control too – and the need for those feelings is not that strange, i think.
        not so btw: i higly appreciate the comments you give on my work – i hope people understand i don’t comment on their comments – lack of time it is – to comment on their work or to comment on their comments, that’s the choice i have to make.

    1. elmediat

      Thanks George. Your belief in my skills is humbling. You know how insecure Eng. Lit. majors are. Wonderfully educated and unemployable. 🙂

      1. George Weaver

        Ha Ha. I like the last line. So true. Others might starve, but we can live on the melody of our own voices, can’t we?

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