Surreal Thursday: Lachrymose or Hard-Boiled ?

Another Surreal Thursday, you can choose to be Lachrymose or Hard-boiled.

Lachrymose eye

Like an onion , sheds layers

Of moist emotions.

Hardened shells float,

Emotions bubble, surface –

Recognition smiles.

Lachrymose : 1. given to tears or weeping – tearful

2. causing or tending to cause tears – mournful

Hard-boiled :

1. to cook an egg in its shell until both white & yolk solidify

2. ungiven to tears or sentiment – tough, unsentimental nature

3. a literary style, most commonly associated with crime fiction (especially detective stories), and distinguished by the unsentimental portrayal of violence and sometimes sex . The central character in such a narrative is a hard-boiled detective, Sam Spade in The Maltese Falcon.

Today has been a hectic day for a number of reasons. I had some upsetting news late in the day. When I am stressed, I either cook, bake, take photographs, manipulate photographs, scribble thoughts in a global stream or some combination of these activities.

I was planning today’s post, but the emotional charge modified the trajectory. I decided to see how many tags I could legitimately connect to this post.

Also, I noted that the BBQ season has started on the blogs, my BBq perogies post is getting hits again.

The poem is a linked haiku. Wanted to see if I could use the terms and tie it to the images. Did I mention how I handle stress ?

25 thoughts on “Surreal Thursday: Lachrymose or Hard-Boiled ?

  1. WOW! So artistic… I loved them all dear Joseph, art is amazing… and I know what you mean at the end, art is the best way for us, for our souls… You did great post. Thank you, have a nice day, with my love, nia

    1. elmediat

      Thanks Nia. Art and other creative endeavours allow us to take negative emotions and experiences and construct something positive & worthwhile.

  2. You just plunged into everything there! I’m distressed too. A tree was savagely assassinated just outside my fence this afternoon. It was the one that shaded my garden. The birds will have nowhere to sleep tonight. One of them is sitting on the house next-door calling his bewilderment. He flew back home and home was gone. I can’t stop crying. It’s Autumn and he’s homeless and another tree has been killed.

    I am just in the mood for your photos and words. The tree killers were hard-boiled. I could hear them laughing while they lopped and chopped.

    1. elmediat

      Was the tree diseased or poorly situated? We had the difficult choice of cutting down trees on our property when we purchased it. Initially it was because the trees were infected with a fire blight- branches dried out and blackened. To make it worse, the largest one was very close to the house.

      1. No, the exterior of our houses is going to be painted soon and the tree was getting in the way. They had already mutilated it a few months ago. It was looking beautiful with all the rain that we have had – ten year drought now officially over. Apparently, someone still thought that it was taking up too much room.

        It reminded me of a frightful experience I had when an oak tree was cut down in France. This is going to sound silly, but I could “hear” the tree and feel its fear. I could also “hear” and feel the love from the other oaks trying to assist it during its ordeal. I Know that I was very privileged to have this connection with the trees, but I never want to experience anything like that again. Friday’s tree brought it all back.

        I wrote a text about it and read it at the opening of an Art exhibition on trees in front of the Mayor and a few Councillors as well as the artists. There was dead silence. No-one dared to applaud when I had finished, and the Mayor kept babbling, “It’s not true!” like a little boy. After their roundabout had been built, they planted another oak. There had been no plans to do it before my text, so I suppose that I accomplished something. I’ll have to see if it translates well into English. I might put it on my blog.

  3. Well done, and you make well of the web experience in reading as I find your posts to be exploratory. Case in point here is moving from the onion to hard boiled detective fiction. Scrolling into those old prints was nicely jarring. Thanks!

    1. elmediat

      Thanks Brandon. I think that blogs can be a very creatively open medium. You can blend and connect ideas through text, image, video & audio.

  4. Isn’t it interesting how mood can affect how we edit an image?
    Funny – I can be feeling one way and work on something, then come back later and see it in a completely different light.
    Anyway, I sincerely hope things are going much better now… beautiful pieces, but sounds like they might have come about in a very difficult way…

    1. elmediat

      Thanks. I get overly wound-up, as George understands. Nervous Nellies run in my family, usually after headless chickens. We sometimes stop to take their pictures 😀

  5. George Weaver

    You have done something here that I really do like. The treatment of the onions! I do believe it’s fairly normal. You’ll recover, though, and put the eyeballs back in…

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