Elliot Lake: Fall Colours

The first touch of Fall colour could be seen in the first week of September, when we headed out-of-town in the early morning fog. Since then the colours have gradually been intensifying.  Today we took a ten minute drive from home and enjoyed the morning air.

The scenic tower revealed Nature in the final day of summer.

For those unfamiliar with Elliot Lake, what you see here is Hillside Drive south heading up the hill.  A bit further past the curve Hillside Drive passes our street. It continues past Elliot Lake Secondary School and eventually bends back to come down the hill as Hillside Drive North. The number of streets in this town that either curve on to themselves or somehow manage to intersect/meet the same street twice  makes  for some confusion for many newcomers.

Heading back down the road from the tower,  you could see a rock  ridge off in the distance that was at a significant elevation.  You will notice an odd-looking tree right of centre along the ridge. If you click to see the image enlarged, it will become obvious that the tree is actually a pole. You can just make out the wires extending from the top of the pole.

As I have mentioned several times in earlier posts, the challenges of rock and elevation present unique challenges in Northern Ontario. Dramatic vistas come with a price that  northern Ontario communities must face. The physical challenges to construction and  transportation are multiplied by extremes of winter weather. For those of us living here, Nature balances out those challenges with scenes & moments like the one captured in this final image.


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