Vision Quest1

Spirit Waters

I have a busy mind that grabs on to many concepts; global thinking , like an over-charged butterfly, probably a variation of ADHD.  One of the concepts that I am exploring is how digital art & mass media can return us to earlier cultural views of reality.  The First Nation culture has much to offer to all of us and I have been fortunate to be exposed to it by my students & colleagues. The First Nation cultural view sees the world as inter-connected.  The realm of spirit and physical reality are one.  The environment is a gift that must be respected and shared.

Photography can allow us to better understand the inter-connectivity of the world.  Here, above the North Shore of Lake Huron, the landscape of this part of Ontario reminds us of  this world that is both physical & spiritual.  As I explore my surroundings through my camera lens and use the tools of imaging software, I go on a Vision Quest to capture/experience this environment of ancient rock and eternal sky.  This post is the first in what will hopefully become a larger series: the goal is to learn & grow.  Enjoy the day.

Beneath the surface1
spirit Waters 2
Spirit Island2

18 thoughts on “Vision Quest1

    1. elmediat

      Thanks very much. This is all an extension of my other pieces. The ideas, subject matter, and techniques converged to show the way. Hope you enjoy the journey. 🙂

  1. annerose

    I agree, this is deep, I really hope your series continues!
    Inter-connectivity of the world just seems like such common sense.
    Wonderful work…

    1. elmediat

      Thanks very much. Ironic that it is taking us so long to learn what the First Nation people had known for generations. I suspect our ancestors knew it as well, somehow over time we went astray.

  2. Whoa! Big time synchronicity, Joseph!

    Just a couple of hours ago I was writing an email to a friend and explaining how my belief, my feeling, is that everything is connected by, and is imbued with some sort of universal spirit. AND that I feel that the human race does not generally treat the planet and all its inhabitants with anything like enough respect.

    I feel right now a great sense of affirmation!

    Thank you, Joseph!

    1. elmediat

      Thanks Ashley. WE are all interconnected and the technology of the internet is just a means of reminding us of it, if we truly pay attention.

  3. I began to appreciate photography in just the same way when I started to read blogs here. I am encouraged by what I see of the efforts by many bloggers to encourage reflective thinking. Reflexive thinking is all too often rewarded in our culture. I see the appeal to that kind of thinking in political ads especially. We lost something valuable when we laid down our paper books. We all benefit from the phenomenal access to information, art, science, beauty through technological advancements, but we must be mindful of the necessity for reflection. This journey that you propose will be a fine one.

    1. elmediat

      Oh reflexive thinking, as an educator I have constantly tried to get students to think outside the box and make connections using critical thinking. Unfortunately “the powers that be” seem to expect educators to do more with less time. Mass Media can be an effective tool for critical thinking, but like traditional printed paper, it is a tool that one must be trained in. That is why I kept trying to get my fellow staff members to enhance both their own & their students’ Media Literacy.

  4. Beautifully done! I love the shapely strata of vibrant color(s)! Just out of curiosity, are you using Illustrator and Photoshop in these pieces?! Whatever software you are running you are sure making it work well, sir!

  5. elmediat

    Thanks very much. Presently I am using PaintShop 4 Pro with a variety of plugins. I came up with the process through some playful experimentation. I modified a layer copy of the original image using A Flaming Pear effect (Veins) with a RedField Bas-Relief effect. It lets me create lines and patterns based on the original image. I then further modify segments of the layer using various textures I have created. I am applying this process to some machine-industrial shots to produce an abstract steampunk style. I will be posting them later.

    1. Very cool! I have this bad habit of trying to decide how I might try to work in a similar style to pieces I see. I’ve never used PaintShop, but I had a few ideas as to how you might have created similar effects in Photoshop / Illustrator (or a combination of them) and was very curious as to how you had ‘built’ this originally! Thanks for the behind-the-scenes description… fascinating! 🙂

  6. Sublime imagery. It evokes memories of Peyote. Sitting very still against a tree and realizing the earth as a living breathing whole expanding and contracting with the movements of the lungs.

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