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Atlantean Artifacts Revealed 3



It has been quite some time since I reported on  Lost Atlantis ( See earlier posts: Atlantis1 Atlantis2  Atlantis3).  Atlantean walls, murals and tapestries were constructed using highly advanced technology. Some say that inter-dimensional and quantum fields were used in binding mortar and weaving threads. Some of the images appear to be so realistic they might be mistaken for being alive or perhaps doorways to other realities.  Researchers have failed to provide any solid evidence that any of this is true. Then again, most of the researchers failed to come back.Those who have, changed either their professions, medications, or both.

Please note if any of the images in this post appear to show movement try turning off your computer. If that doesn’t work, contact the Lovecraft Institute for the Dimensionally Unstable .

Atlantean TempleTapestry

Atlantean Temple Tapestry

Atlantean Mural1

Atlantean Mural1


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