Surreal Thursday: The Beowulf Barometer

Beowulf Barometer

Johann Filigree Hexameter Aomori reached into the inner pocket of his dark grey cloak and took out the Beowulf Barometer. A cool fall breeze rippled the cloak as he stood outside the train station and checked the Barometer for Heroic atmosphere. The needle hung between Classic Heroic Sacrifice and Farcical Misadventure. Melodrama was thickening and rising to Ironic levels.

Sighing and shaking his head, Johann put away the Barometer as the elegant steam locomotive pulled up. He picked up his leather handbag and boarded the train. He entered a compartment designated for individuals of his social class and rank, Senior Junior Wizard , 12th Degree October. That meant that that only people of upper middle strata & lower upper strata could share the compartment, as well as anyone else who could impose themselves through higher rank or bribe-connive their way in from a less advantaged strata. In other words, just about anyone, except the most high, who had their own coaches/trains, and the lowest, who could seldom escape their impoverished neighbourhoods.

As a consequence, the Senior Junior Wizard, 12th Degree October, who was of indiscriminate age, ethnicity & race, found himself soon in the company of a portly middle age Asian gentleman, whose dress suggested a prosperous shopkeeper, a pretty young red headed woman in the company of older woman, both of some of substantial means guessing at their attire and carry-on baggage, and finally a dark skinned youth, whose clothing and demeanour indicated a skilled tradesman.

After some brief pleasantries, the train made its way and the travellers settled in to their personal preoccupations. Johann once again checked the Barometer; it indicated either a Picaresque adventure or classic train mystery. Levels of Irony had not varied and the Melodrama also remained constant, but the Heroic atmosphere no longer contained tragic resonances.

This much relieved the Senior Junior Wizard , 12th Degree October, who was not above applying his skills to heroic undertakings and some classic detective work, but was less engaged to the idea of heroic sacrifice before he acquired the level of Full Alpha Wizard, Dragon Degree December. Full Alpha Wizards, Dragon December would resurrect with a level of Phoenix Star Wizard, Eternal May , provided that the Heroic Sacrifice was genuine and not an attempt to achieve the highest known level of wizardry.

Of course at this stage, there was no telling how events would unfold. If the Picaresque & Farcical Misadventure trends continued, then the focus could shift to one of the other travellers, anyone may prove to be a rogue of charming & cunning characteristics out on an episodic adventure. Then again, it may be a blend of narrative atmospheres, in which case he may be in conflict or partnership with another potential protagonists. Only time would tell. It was at this point in the juncture of the train’s travel that it paused at the station in the quaint village of To Be Continued.

Note: Click the image for enlarged details. For those looking for similar posts & imagery  of fantasy check out the Phantasmagoria tag. Enjoy the day.

8 thoughts on “Surreal Thursday: The Beowulf Barometer

    1. elmediat

      Thanks Ashley. Never know how people will respond to these phantasmagorias.
      The train will be passing through The Sequel River Valley before reaching the charming community of Who Knows Where. 😀

      1. elmediat

        Thank you again. I have the next tow images in the series ready. i am now waiting for them to tell me their story. 😀

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