What if Wednesday: The Wizard’s Knitting

Wizard's Spell GrLz

Johann Filigree Hexameter Aomori knew he only had a few minutes remaining if he were to save the Lady Julep Persimmon Bede, before the young widow would prematurely join her husband in the next aertheric realm of transition. The Beowulf Barometer* was of little help now. The train was fast approaching the Bridge of Seven Sighs . Once across the Sequel River, there was no adjustment to the resolution of the nefarious plot. All dangling narrative threads would be woven into the tapestry of the Three Wyrd Sisters. There would be no escaping their current destination, the charming , but oh so mysterious, old community of Who-Knows-Where .

Hexameter had but one chance, the Perilous Knitting Needles of the Quantum Mechanical. Furiously knitting the velocity of the train to Planck’s constant and adjusting the quirks & quarks of the dangling narrative threads would leave the approaching resolution open to interpretation. Combining tanka and quatrain vectors in his verbal spells the Senior Junior Wizard , 12th Degree October, desperately hoped to control plot momentum so that the tapestry would continue to be an open-ended tesseract. The beautiful & beguiling Lady Julep Persimmon Bede would not only survive the crossing of the Bridge of Seven Sighs, but Hexameter would also discover if she was the murderer & if he had fallen in love with her.

As the train reached the mid-point of the bridge, Hexameter exhaled the last line of the spell, while knitting the last quirk into the threads, ” O-bla-di, o-bla-da, life goes on, brah! Ooo Schrodinger’s shoe string, Oh lala how the line goes on , Lah! **

Turning, he faced the young widow standing in the doorway of the train compartment. She was holding a small ebony handled silver revolver.

“You really shouldn’t have done that.” The sound of her hushed voice entered his heart. It was just as quickly followed by an opal bullet. The Perilous Knitting Needles dropped from his hand to the floor. His body quickly followed, as did the tears from the eyes of the Lady Bede.

From the fifth astral level of Tosh, Hexameter, now in the form of a female Chinese Water dragon, watched as the quietly sobbing woman, turned to leave the train compartment. From her now unclenched fist fell a crumbled news article. Hexameter could easily scan the article that had landed midst the scattered knitting needles from his present vantage point.

The article concerned the Beige Bird of Bethoomph, the Feather of Bitterness and the Cursed Gate of the Shimmering Few. As the blood was running from his physical body, Hexameter now knew three things for certain. Secrets would be revealed in Who-Knows-Where. A drive into The Forest Beyond will be required. And most importantly, he had fallen in love with Lady Julep Persimmon Bede.

The train had completed its crossing of The Bridge of Seven Sighs and the Beowulf Barometer that rested in the pocket of the wizard’s cloak had a new reading. Melodramatic atmosphere levels were at maximum and the Irony was intensifying to a storm of absurdity. Death was quickly advancing.

* Read the First instalment: Surreal Thursday: The Beowulf Barometer

**Note: Translated from the traditional Kopernikan Polish spell equation-chant.)

9 thoughts on “What if Wednesday: The Wizard’s Knitting

    1. elmediat

      Thank you Ashley.
      Ah, a man’s breeches should exceed his mirth or what’s a meta for ?
      – Sorry I am presently suffering from an allusion. 😀

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