Antique Impressions: Waiting to Bloom

Flower Bloom - Faux Wet Plate1

I have been constantly impressed by the work of Refrigerator Magnate. His quirky sense of humour & creativity is a delight. His artistic skills extend past the computer & digital darkroom and into the artist’s studio.

I was first drawn to his blog by his work with alternative (old timey photography) processes. Among his accomplishments is his creation of Faux Wet Plate Collodion. His most recent post is Four-Leaf Clover (faux wet plate collodion).

I have been trying to approximate his work. It is not identical to his pieces and may not be very wet plate in characteristic (very faux), but it does have a Victorian/Steampunk quality that suggests another time & technological age (real or imagined).

Flower Bloom - Faux Wet Plate2

Here is the B&W tonal image before I processed it. It was originally taken with my cell-phone camera and came out a bit grainy. To try to create a wet plate effect I combined scans of plastic drips with close up shots of corroded metal.

Flower Bloom

Hope you enjoy this experiment and make sure to check out the links above to see what Robert has accomplished. If you are interested in early photographic processes, I have a link to Alternative Processes listed in Photography & Media Resources Links ( on the side of the blog).

6 thoughts on “Antique Impressions: Waiting to Bloom

    1. elmediat

      Thanks very much Michelle. It is most appreciated. While I am more confident about my work, I still feel like a digital dabbler. The advantage is it feels like fun & I am learning something new. 🙂

  1. Wow! I don’t know what to say! I am so incredibly flattered that you would even mention me, and even more-so that anything I’ve done would inspire something like this… by someone as creative and talented as you are, sir! I thank you very, very much! And it goes without saying that I am very impressed with these results! Fantastic work, as always, my friend! And thank you once again! Very, very much, sir!!!

    1. elmediat

      Most welcome Robert. Most of my work exists in the digital realm. I have never developed hands-on art skills to any great degree, that is the province of my wife & son. My son & you work in both worlds of art, digital media & hands-on. You bridge the old & the new.
      Your work is wonderful on many levels. I hope others visiting this post will take the time to see what your blog has to offer.

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