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Textured Text: Mandala Rising

Mandalla Rising Page

This mandala that has been incorporated into Textured Text may seem like a far way from photography. I actually started with a photo which you can see below. It went through considerable messing about before I had the mandala rising out of the liquid sea of the great Collective Unconscious . I tagged Literature because of the use of text from a very old  loose paged copy of Tales from Shakespeare (1920-30s).

No Parking After Dark

No Parking……… After Dark

Let your mind find what associations you may in these two images. Greater realities can be reached midst dreams and the imagination, for “there more things in heaven and earth , Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy“.  

Map of H. P Lovecraft’s Dreamlands – Original by Jack Gaughan published in The Fantastic Swordsmen, 1967.

Three times Randolph Carter dreamed of the marvelous city, and three times was he snatched away while still he paused on the high terrace above it. All golden and lovely it blazed in the sunset, with walls, temples, colonnades and arched bridges of veined marble, silver-basined fountains of prismatic spray in broad squares and perfumed gardens, and wide streets marching between delicate trees and blossom-laden urns and ivory statues in gleaming rows; while on steep northward slopes climbed tiers of red roofs and old peaked gables harbouring little lanes of grassy cobbles. It was a fever of the gods, a fanfare of supernal trumpets and a clash of immortal cymbals. Mystery hung about it as clouds about a fabulous unvisited mountain; and as Carter stood breathless and expectant on that balustraded parapet there swept up to him the poignancy and suspense of almost-vanished memory, the pain of lost things and the maddening need to place again what once had been an awesome and momentous place.

~ Opening from The Dream Quest  of Unknown Kadath

by H. P. Lovecraft


2 responses

  1. leecleland

    Love the Mandala image, can not believe what you started with but enjoyed the ride.

    September 23, 2013 at 7:18 am

    • elmediat

      At one point I was going to leave a distorted element of the sign visible, but it was just not working. I went full abstract mandala and incorporated the liquid ripples.

      September 23, 2013 at 5:16 pm

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