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Transit Velikovsky  4TRGImmanuel Velikovsky (Russian: Иммануи́л Велико́вский; 10 June [O.S. 29 May] 1895 – 17 November 1979) was a Russian-Jewish psychiatrist and independent scholar, best known as the author of a number of controversial books reinterpreting the events of ancient history, in particular the US bestseller Worlds in Collision, published in 1950

Transit Velikovsky 5KRMVelikovsky argued that electromagnetic effects play an important role in celestial mechanics ( these changes to the configuration of the solar system violate several well-understood laws of physics) .

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He also proposed a revised chronology for ancient Egypt, Greece, Israel and other cultures of the ancient Near East. The revised chronology aimed at explaining the so-called “dark age” of the eastern Mediterranean (c. 1100–750 BC) and reconciling biblical history with mainstream archaeology and Egyptian chronology.

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Planet Earth has suffered natural catastrophes on a global scale, both before and during humankind’s recorded history.

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There is evidence for these catastrophes in the geological record (here Velikovsky was advocating Catastrophist ideas as opposed to the prevailing Uniformitarian notions) and archeological record. The extinction of many species had occurred catastrophically, not by gradual Darwinian means.

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The catastrophes that occurred within the memory of humankind are recorded in the myths, legends and written history of all ancient cultures and civilizations. Velikovsky pointed to alleged concordances in the accounts of many cultures, and proposed that they referred to the same real events. For instance, the memory of a flood is recorded in the Hebrew Bible, in the Greek legend of Deucalion, and in the Manu legend of India. Velikovsky put forward the psychoanalytic idea of “Cultural Amnesia” as a mechanism whereby these literal records came to be regarded as mere myths and legends.

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According to Velikovsky’s interpretation of comparative myths the causes of these natural catastrophes were close encounters between the Earth and other bodies within the solar system — not least what are now the planets Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, and Mars, these planetary bodies had moved upon different orbits within human memory.

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While all this speculation are fanciful & creative, they have lead to an arrayof beliefs & flawed interpretations of the cosmos.

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