The Sun – Tarot

The Sun - Tarot sun3A


Garden flowers kiss The Sun,
Now the race has begun.
Fair child swinging free,
Golden light shines on Thee.

Air, Earth, Fire,Water –
Turtle swims and never falters.
Arising sky and darting eye,
Secret Paths and hanging bower –
A Silver Pool –
The touch of Power .
The Clock that strikes
The Charming Hour.

Green as a bud,
A rusty nail.
Catching memories in a pail.
Roses bloom,
A Stick,
A Stone.
Blazing fire,
An empty Room.
A seed,
A masque.
A Thankless task.
“Nothing to hide”,
The Ladybug sings –
Just a glorious ride
On Butterfly wings.
A hidden map
Of Shadow Dances.
Joy of the Heart,
Shy furtive glances.

A Wheel.
A Golden Throne.
The Wooden Ladder.
A bright white bone.
The dog, the kite,
The Lost come home.  

An Invisible Art,
The Pen and The Paper.
A Knife and a Needle.
A Clown, a Caper.
Waltzing the worms –
A feather fandango.
Chiming the Bell.
Lighting the Torch.
Crying for pennies
With a Swan on the porch.

A Peddler pushes his cart
On Cobblestone songs;
Morning glories climb
With the coming of Dawn.

Bird on the wing.
The wind in your hair,
The cat in the cupboard.
The prize from The Fair.

The silver spoon.
The amber bowl.
A racing star,
A Calliope tune.
Vine to the trellis,
As weave to the web,
And the snores from a sleeper
Too long in his bed.
Bricks in the corner.
The rake on the shelf.
The flowerpots, the Hedge,
And the shy little elf.

Pebbles and bark,
An echo, a sigh.
Strawberries, marshmallows,
And Rhubarb pie.
Goose on the pillow,
A chair and a rug.
An aire from sweet pipes,
A harp, and a jug.

A Window, a Knock at the Door –
Bicycle dreams –
Searching for more.
A rhyme, a riddle,
A jig and a hoe.
With a mighty push,
Here we go !
A mouse and a feather,
A sandwich, a glass.
A bug on the carpet,
A chime in a flask.

As twigs to twine,
Or tines to sticks,
The Broom ambles in shambles,
Gambles and kicks.
Like a lion on the hunt
Or the deer on the run,
Follow the mystery
Under The Sun.

The Spider whistles gently,
A soft green refrain –
‘Tis a melody made
Of sweet Summer stems,
A sunbeam, a raindrop,
And the hush of two wrens.

A leaf as it falls,
A foot as it runs.
A rock, a doll –
Some twisty salt buns.
The scarlet banner,
The mud in the shoe .
The sea as it roars.
The Heart that is True.

Dragonfly Whispers.
Buds as they grow.
Hair in the wind,
Clouds that tickle your toe.

The joy of the Heart,
Racing the breeze.
Jumping the fence –
The branches, the bees.
The frogs in the pond.
The spin in the air.
A banner, a ribbon,
A circle, a square.
A toolbox, a gong.
Music and jam.
Oh for a coin, a pocket, a song !

Tears, petals, pearls, laughter –
The sky falls apart –
Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, …… after.

2 thoughts on “The Sun – Tarot

    1. elmediat

      Thanks very much. The structural inspiration/influence came from Johm Donne’s ‘ Song –
      Go and catch a falling star ‘, William Blake, and the jazz song ‘The Waters of March’.
      The poem actually budded a second poem, when I removed some stanzas & lines. Still working on that one.

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