Textured Text: Junk-mail Abstracts of Far Away Places

Junk Mail Abstract - Paris Wine
Paris Wine: Junk Mail Abstract

As I continue working with this series of of Junk-Mail abstracts different associations come to mind. The process is a bit improvisational, like jazz or free verse  – certain colours or patterns suggest something and I start building and tweaking the elements to better fit the developing theme.  I ended up with three pieces that I have come to refer to as “Far Away Places”.

The colours in the first composition reminded me of Paris Cafe posters & those art travel posters from the 1960s. One of the Junk-mail elements included wine bottles.  This helped complete the piece. Just imagine that it is very expensive French wine. Take a few sips and enjoy the dancers ( in wide screen HD),  Joachim and Michelle, as they tango to Cinema Paradiso ( composed by Ennio Morricone ).




Junk Mail Abstract -Mediterranean
Mediterranean Mural; Junk-Mail Abstract


The colours and textures in the second composition suggested to me a Mediterranean  mural . The association of travel & voyages is emphasized by the inclusion of old map graphics . These far away places also bring to my mind pieces of music.  My parents came of age during the Depression & the War years.  They loved dancing & my mother had a beautiful singing voice. One of the songs that she sang and to which they danced was “Far Away Places”. The song was composed by Joan Whitney and Alex Kramer ( a Canadian ) and published in 1948.

The song was recorded and released by two  different singers  from separate recording companies. It was recorded by Bing Crosby and sat on the Billboard charts for 18 weeks. Margaret Whiting also recorded it at the roughly the same time and her rendition remained on the charts for 15 weeks.  Both versions were simultaneously hits in December of 1948. Gone are the days when a song gets multiple releases by different artists and hits the charts multiple times. I have included Whiting’s rendition in this post because I associate the song with a woman’s voice.


Junk Mail Abstract - Tropical Dance
Tropical Dance: Junk Mail Abstract

This last composition grew out of another sequence I am presently working on.  One piece in particular had intense tropical colours that fitted well with the subject matter of the various tropical plants ( taken at  The  F. Jean MacLeod Butterfly Gallery in Sudbury Ontario).  I had used a Junk Mail Abstract  as a layer in the processing.  As it would happen, some of the lettering came through and it reminded me of the type one might see on cargo crates.  Tropical days & nights, flowers & bananas, passion & music come together with deep greens, violet blues, yellow & fiery orange. Parts of the Junk Mail became swirling kaleidoscopic patterns, with words & letters entwined,…. like steps to a dance. Time for another tango; this one full of intense passion as David & Kim Benitez move to Astor Piazzolla’s Oblivion.


13 thoughts on “Textured Text: Junk-mail Abstracts of Far Away Places

    1. elmediat

      Thanks very much. With this winter and cool spring the far away places really do keep calling. 🙂
      How has your Victoria Day Weekend been ? We finally had 21 degrees today. The bugs are bad in some locations, but we were spared. Cooling off quickly in the next few days.

      1. My weekend has been kind of odd. Trying to catch up on some work and am having trouble getting motivated. We are having some real issues with these little bugs. You can’t breath without getting a mouthful. They have been reporting on them on the news and they say they are harmless.

  1. leecleland

    Art in all forms for the senses, great post. Loving what you are doing with Junk-mail Abstracts but also loved the videos. Tango Movement was especially artistically shot showing a more abstract interpretation of this seductive dance. More ideas for me to digest 🙂

    1. elmediat

      So glad you enjoyed. It is more work, but the blog most does make it possible to expand the media text to include words, images, hyper-text, audio and moving images in unique ways. It isn’t just one form, but rather a blend,
      Tango Movement was quite a production number. Very different from the first video. There is such a range in Tango music & dance styles. On occasion, I listen to Tango Radio ( online from Germany). Quite a range of styles & time periods.

  2. Hey, picture No1 is stunning. I particularly enjoyed the tangos, and the song is one my parents had on Bakelite 78 rpm record, The last time I heard that must have been oh – 1955? I like the way you are linking music/dance with your images – gives me great ideas, and I have been thinking of changing my format, your Picture No3 also pushing me in a different direction. So, mate, thankyou for this post, it is delightful, and helpful. Tony

    1. elmediat

      Glad you enjoyed Tony. There is so much potential for creativity with digital text because it is non-linear and incorporates so many forms. I also find visiting other blogs very energizing for ideas. Looking forward to your creative projects. 🙂

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