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Clematis Variations

clematis 1


clematis  2


Using an older shot of a garden clematis, I created these two variations by incorporating embossed layers.  I then created a third variation and combined it with a base layer of a junk mail abstract.  The resulting blending produced an antique alternative process feel . Building on the rectangular element in the junk mail layer,  I created a resized image of the clematis that appears to recede in an infinite regression. Till very recently, Spring has been in a state of infinite regression – cool and wet. We now have above normal temperatures with summer like conditions and the flowers are gradually returning to the garden. The clematis has not yet arrived.


clematis  3


clematis  4


While working on these last two compositions I listened to the vocals of Caro Emerald ( Caroline Esmeralda van der Leeuw , a Jazz singer from the Netherlands ). Here is a sample of her work, Paris (lyrics here).




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