Lower Bite

Lower Bite - Planet of the Humans


A  creature  with a lower bite problem resides  on the mysterious planet of the humans.


Lower Bite




Planet of the Humans  graphics source – splash page Infinity Man and the Forever People #1.  I used it to create a textured abstract. A version of that was used in the first image.


Planet of the Humans - Splash Page

Bringing back  Jack Kirby’s Forever People,  artist Keith Griffen  captures the Kirby style


Planet of the Humans 1




2 thoughts on “Lower Bite

    1. elmediat

      Thanks very much. Griffen’s work does an admirable job of emulating the Kirby style.- capturing the dynamic energy and the the blended organic mechanic massive vistas . The abstract started as a mistake and I then began improvising – all art is jazz & Commedia dell’arte . As some one who grew up with Kirby comics , I will never forget the introductory image of Ego, the Living Planet, in the Thor comic. Kirby used a photo scan blended with his drawing – I had never seen anything like it before. This revelatory moment of art probably explains a lot of the stuff I do on this blog. 😀

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