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Dreaming in Summer’s Glow

The Poppy Dreams in The Sun

The Poppy Dreams in The Sun




Yellow Iris in Summer's Glow

Yellow Iris in Summer’s Glow





After all things, there comes memories of the summer’s  glow that walks like a cat full of cautious grace……….. And you know that the Poppy and the Iris, having been there, have their own history and sense of time, which only can be truly appreciated by the very old and the sea and the stone, but that doesn’t stop you from trying, the way a small child will leap for joy in order to grasp the clouds and turn them into dragons & castles full of magic robots and pink roses that sing of spider silk paintings.

Then you wonder what is the point to all of this,


                                         If a Lifetime is nothing but a moment of Dragonfly Wings in mid-flight,…………………..


                                ………….. but the phone rings/vibrates/ blinks and you receive a text from


Today’s Problem that can not be put off like a garden glove in the rain.

Trying to scurry to the next video conference call you skype-up the snake and facebook a moment of friendship from the internet cafe & deli – real cornedbeef all stacked high on rye with a Strubs dill pickle to die for, all Canadian, not the new Americanized cucumbers from India variety. You ponder all this, as you slide down the ladder of discontent towards the grey winter of another very important urgent deadline that will leave the world unaltered and you get that  new text message, this one delivered on a pale green breeze with an after-glow that sings of violins & a bandoneon, as it gently reminds you –

“till the next time”…………







Till The Next Time

Till The Next Time



2 responses

  1. Your writing always catches me by surprise. In a good way.

    July 4, 2014 at 7:40 am

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