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Existential Friday: Shadow Self


Self in Shadow

Self in Shadow


the Shadow,

What We seek



a process whereby we become

integrated and complete.

  Who will


the Self  ??


After all things,

we voyage


Facing the Shadow,

Recognizing the Shadow,

Incorporating the Shadow



the Self.

Facing the Shadow,


The Pangaean fundamentals of Self

Seeks out the Tectonics of Being.


We reconstruct our Daily Masque,

Acquiring new steps

in the Dance.

Who is to question

Our Hyde ?

Facing the Shadow,


He will be our guide


This Brave New Selfography.


fundamental duality

in human nature

that we touched upon


in Early Hours of the Morning,



That is the Sea,



All things  &  The One.

Facing the Shadow



Lily Pad

We Dream

– Are We the Dreamers or the Dream ? –





Do We Awaken


The Depths of the Ocean



A Boundless Sky of Stars ?

Each contains Beautiful Darkness.

Each contains Glorious Light.

The Shadow Self fr

“Archetypes from the unconscious are worked through in art, religious or meditation practices, and used in the mastery of the Self. An individuated person can see that the `personality’ is just one of many possibilities, a mask even, that can be put on or put aside appropriate to the conditions which social necessity imposes on us. Dream analysis has a larger role in Jungian work than in other therapies, because Jung believed that in dreams we can best access the archetypes and the shadow.” ( Source)


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