Canadian Koan in Monochrome

Winter Monochrome - Feb 23 2015

frozen furniture –

icy pieces, scattered

sharp white paper flakes



High minus 18. Wind chill minus 35.

Extreme temperature advisory has been lifted.

Celsius cuts like a knife.

Winter Monochrome 2 - Feb 23 2015


Rain is hard, until you face the snow – Canadian ( ice cream) Koan


Inspired & in response to fluidicthought  – in Australia where they dealt with the remnants of  Cyclone Marcia,  I can’t stand the rain .  Wherever we are,  we all face our own environments, personal, emotional & physical, using our culture and creativity to endure  & express our spirit of resilience.  

4 thoughts on “Canadian Koan in Monochrome

    1. elmediat

      Sorry. 😀

      This photo blog has drifted heavily into monochrome. It is a combination of the weather, my mood. and visiting lots of other bloggers with really spectacular monochrome work. 🙂

      1. elmediat

        Your plea for colour and our mutual fatigue with the winter has inspired a new post on Implied Spaces – Colour The Ice Wall: Defying Winter. 🙂

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