Masked Trio : It’s Too Darn Hot

Masked Trio - Too Darn Hot 1


Masked Trio - Too Darn Hot 2 fr

The Heat Advisory from Environment Canada has been lifted, however, with the added humidity & the temperatures still a bit above normal for this time of year,…… there are some who still feel that it’s too darn hot. The furs prepping for winter don’t help.



Masked Trio - Too Darn Hot 3fr

Masked Trio - Too Darn Hot 4

12 thoughts on “Masked Trio : It’s Too Darn Hot

      1. elmediat

        They are very cleaver creatures and some of their behaviour & curiosity certainly strongly resembles that of cats. 😀

    1. elmediat

      Thanks Nia. Much appreciated. 🙂
      Make sure the link is directly to the post and not the blog – so that it keeps connected appropriately.

    1. elmediat

      No you don’t. They are fascinating creatures, but they are very intelligent and like the coyote adapt unusually well to urban environments. 😀

      They half joke in Europe about the Nazi raccoons. Herman Goring got the bright idea to introduce then into Germany in the 1930s. The little critters now number in the millions. German government tries to manage the population and limit the damage.

      It is amazing what they can do with those little hands .

      You may see them in your neck of the woods one day. Found a map of where raccoons are found naturally and where they have invaded.

      We are accustomed to them here in Northern Ontario. Rather deal with them than a bear. Southern Ontario and Toronto in particular have found the little bandits more of a nuance . 😀

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