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Dunlop Lake Shoreline

Birch Trees Pathway Down Dunlop Lake


Dunlop Lake Shoreline 2


Dunlop Lake Shoreline 3


Dunlop Lake Shoreline 1

Here are a few pictures taken this past weekend  of Dunlop Lake.  The lake is  located  just  north of the community  of Elliot Lake Ontario .

Located just 9km North of Elliot Lake is beautiful Dunlop Lake. At approximately 10 miles in length, Dunlop has some of the areas best fishing with Trout, Whitefish, Walleye and Smallmouth Bass all available. The shores of Dunlop Lake range from steep bedrock outcroppings to low-lying marshy areas to sandy beaches. There are a mix of tree species growing around the shores including birch, red pine, white pine, black spruce, sugar maple, cedar and hemlock.

Dunlop Lake can be accessed via road, ATV or snowmobile trail systems as well as two municipally maintained boat launches. The lake is the beginning point for the Dunlop/ Mace canoe route that allows canoeists access to 8 area lakes.

Dunlop Lake currently has a mix of year round homes and cottages as well as seasonally accessible properties. All road access lots are on municipally maintained year round roads and have hydro service to the lot.

 Source: Elliot Lake Waterfront Properties


Dunlop LakeDockside 1


Dunlop LakeDockside  2


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