Existential Friday: Spider-man Zombie

Natasha went to the Halloween Dance for our Special Needs community, which was held  at the Elliot Lake Moose Hall – Mom did make-up  and I enhanced it a bit for the photo. Character choice was Natasha’s.


14 thoughts on “Existential Friday: Spider-man Zombie

    1. elmediat

      She had lots of fun with her friends. They all love dressing up. They will all be dressed up for Special Olympics bowling night. 😀

      1. elmediat

        I know. It is such a sad situation. I caught an interview of Senator Bernie commenting on his recent tour of Canadian facilities. He couldn’t get over a large hospital only needing one or two to staff the billing office. He observed that over a third of your costs go to the complex paper work involved in insurance claims. As a consequence we manage to support the population with half of your overall costs.

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