7 thoughts on “Roof Top Views: December Snow

    1. elmediat

      It was odd weather at the time – somewhere between a fog and a fine snow . That is the reason for the misty haze. The compositions worked much better in the tonal shades, than as natural colour.

      Ironically, some of the southern states have more snow than we do in this part of Canada. We are getting more over night, but still below normal amounts for this time. The temperature will drop way below normal Tuesday night.

      1. elmediat

        Normals here are supposed to be -2 to -10. Tuesday will have an anticipated high of -16 and low of -21. Windchill could be -30.

      2. elmediat

        My wife drove down to the dog park – no one was there. She and the dog lasted about seven minutes. 😀

        Environment Canada has now adjusted the forecast to a high of -17 and tonight’s expected wind chill is -32. It is not that we have never had such temperatures, just that it is early in the season for these f-icicles. 😀

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