waiting for his vaccination



Waiting for a vaccination in Northern Ontario becomes more and more surreal with each passing day.

Inspired by  My Lockdown Life, a blog by Ann M. Hale  – a digital art collage blend of paintings and photographs – I attempted my own surreal versions .

The painting of Burgomaster Jan van Duren can be found at THIS LINK.

11 thoughts on “waiting for his vaccination

    1. elmediat

      We have been fortunate, so far – few Covid cases in our small community. Unfortunately, Premier Doug Ford’s Conservative provincial government has made a mess of things – tried to ease restrictions too soon & reacted too slowly to prevent spread. Southern, densely populated, Ontario includes some of the major hot spots for all of Canada. Vaccination shortages for parts of the province, as they are diverted to hot areas; still complaints in those hot areas because of problems with booking appointments.

      1. elmediat

        We are still in a better situation than many, but it is frustrating knowing it did not have to be this bad.

    1. elmediat

      Many in the southern part of the Ontario are unaware of how vaccine supply has been diverted from the northern half to try & patch up the hole in the south. Algoma District is only vaccinating 65 and up. They are also ignoring provincial rules for prioritizing Community Living staff and their clients (special needs people & their guardians). At least Tasha lives with us, and we have respite care several days a week; for example, some of Liz’s special needs performers “living independently in apartments” have been stuck there with limited support. Community Living Staff can not visit without vaccinations of both staff & client.

      1. That’s shameful. We have had our first shots. I am 64 and my husband is 74. We are also considered “high risk” because of my cancer and asthma and his diabetes. But it wasn’t until we were declared a “hot” spot that they gave me a shot because I wasn’t 65 yet. I know some of my friends and family in Niagara are having trouble getting shots as well. I hope they balance things out for you soon.

      2. elmediat

        Ford & his flunkies really messed this up – they keep blaming Trudeau, federal government, and past provincial governments.

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