9 thoughts on “how to annoy your wife when taking photos

  1. Timothy Price

    Maybe the question should be “How NOT to annoy your wife when taking photos?” Or a shorter, simpler question, which is impossible to answer “How NOT to annoy your wife?”

    1. elmediat

      Yes!. 1. the right pizza, 2. the correct length of nap, 3. when the 2 of you are watching Dr. Who/Star Trek.
      I’m sure there are more, perhaps if I have some pizza/nap I’ll think of something. πŸ˜€
      How are you doing Liz ?

    1. elmediat

      Actually, she is getting me a new camera. πŸ˜€ Part of the reason for the off kilter shot was that my camera is getting cranky with age – sometimes the sensor refuses to work or things only work on manual settings. I was rapidly taking shots & also some nicely composed portraits, when it started acting up again. I’ve missed capturing some moments because of this problem – then I’m the one annoyed (sometimes muttering loudly).

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