coloured roses – new camera



Testing out the new camera (EOS 90D) – I am gradually moving up the stupidity curve of mastering basic functions. Still in auto mode, as I try to understand all the physical buttons, and the touch screen doodads. My old camera (EOS 50D) is still functioning, but can be temperamental -lost moments when the camera gave error messages, and then decided to work fine when the moment passed (walks on the trail had an uneven pace). My wife got tired of my grumbles( see earlier post), ordered the new camera.


The technological jump, the manual is 646 pages & is downloaded or viewed online, resulted in redesign of button placement and functionality. Being old and anxious, it took me some time to adjust – found a tutorial that made sense (phasers no longer set on stun), now the slow process begins.

a new camera,

challenge now in sharp focus,

where’s that On button?


12 thoughts on “coloured roses – new camera

    1. elmediat

      I haven’t used other settings often, mostly for manual focus. just finding the special settings, such as macro & action, were moved. Even the battery & memory card had changed. 😀

  1. I feel your pain. My last camera met an untimely death when a pot of hot coffee got poured on it. It was not a good moment. Replacing it went on hold year after year and I made do with my camera phone. It was finally replaced by my husband, who knows nothing of cameras but decided the internet would be the source of info he used. I work for a photography company and I have worked with the owner of the company for over 30years off and on. I have no idea why he didn’t give Shirley a call and ask her what I used (Nikon), what I was comfortable with and what she would recommend but he didn’t. I now have a Cannon camera I don’t have a clue about. After a few months of struggling, I took it to work and my boss and I spent the better part of our work day trying to figure it out. I finally started to take a few pictures here and there and was waiting for the weather to clear so I could go out and about to take some photos. That was March of 2020 and I basically haven’t been anywhere since. Now I will have to start over and try to figure it out again. You are obviously doing better with your learning curve than I am. Your rose photos are spectacular.

    1. elmediat

      Many thanks. My wife had ordered a camera, but when it came it was just not right. WE sent it back, and my wife reconsidered what I had previously, and then went with the latest version. As I said in the post, huge jump in tech. The manual is very, very detailed, but reading PDF on screen combined with terminology left me feeling like I was looking at Star Fleet Warp Core specs 😀 .
      The online version of the manual was more visually based, and the online tutorial I finally found was much better than the others – a teacher with a sense of humour, who presented things in incremental steps. Some presenters, either started with the video functions or went into how to get out of auto.

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