the upheaval



A few more compositions of the upheaval caused by the uprooted birch tree – the consequence of the April 11 storm  described in another post. Town work crews have cleared the  Elliot Lake’s  Westview Nature Trail that connects the 3 parks & the boat launch. Any damage, such as this boardwalk, will take longer to get to.

Our dogs had to make a thorough inspection of the damaged boardwalk.

6 thoughts on “the upheaval

    1. elmediat

      Today I spotted some things I had missed. Had a lovely walk with the dogs today. Lake is like glass. Got back, and just checked Environment Canada forecast for our area. We are under a Tornado watch. I am less than happy. This is the second Tornado warning in all the years I’ve lived in Elliot Lake. The climate, it is changing.

    1. elmediat

      The situation in New Orleans & Louisiana puts our problems in perspective. The damage & outages here gives us empathy for those facing much worse condition.

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