Monochrome Monday ~ EOSD90 – more than one setting




The first three compositions were taken with Canon EOS~90D, using the Black and White Filter setting. The setting creates a retro grainy black and white composition. The next two flower shots were taken using the regular black and white setting.  Considerable difference in grain and contrast from the special filter setting will be seen.




3 thoughts on “Monochrome Monday ~ EOSD90 – more than one setting

  1. …I’m not sure which I prefer. It’d be interesting to see the same subject matter shot with both the ‘Black and White Filter setting’ vs. the regular B&W setting because the last two photos don’t have the same B&W contrast. On the regular setting it simply looks like the colour has been removed, so it feels like when you’re listening to a CD. But the ‘B&W Filter’ has a more LP feel to it… I think that makes sense.

    1. elmediat

      shot those two quickly, still haven’t played with it too much. Still testing this setting out. You are correct, it has a much flatter quality, that reminds me of some of the B&W photos from the early 60s when I was a child. 😀

      1. Agreed. It’s good that you’re playing around with your camera. I’ve had a pocket-sized Canon SX720 HS for about eight years now that I use for everyday stuff, and I’ve barely scratched the surface on the multitude of settings. I used to love shooting B&W when I was using real film, but never use the B&W settings on any of my cameras… I really should follow your example, mostly I just use Photoshop to zap the colour out but that still feels like cheating.

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