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Existential Friday: Spider-man Zombie

Natasha went to the Halloween Dance for our Special Needs community, which was held  at the Elliot Lake Moose Hall – Mom did make-up  and I enhanced it a bit for the photo. Character choice was Natasha’s.


Surreal Thursday: What the Doctor Ordered


Surreal: having the disorienting, hallucinatory quality of a dream; unreal; fantastic, phantasmagorical, uncanny, intense hyper-reality, unexpected juxtapositions and non sequitur. Characteristics associated with art and literature created by founders and followers of cultural movement known as Surrealism.

( The video came to my attention by way of Mobius Faith’s blog, On Being and Becoming. Make sure to check it out. )













Mountain Ash Wired


What is the North to Me ?

This Surreal Thursday post presents a corner of Elliot Lake. There have been a number of murals installed in the community. The one in this photograph is called “What is the North to Me ?”. The text and artwork calls up the classic “birch bark – loon on the lake call” North of Northern Ontario.


A gentle piece of public art becomes surreal in the odd choice of installation. Because of the curving of the street and the extra angled wall of the building, the mural is visible to those driving by. To read the text, one would have to enter the adjoining parking lot and walk over for a good view.



The back of the building location, combined with the ubiquitous sloping pavement of the town, produces a contrasting surreal response to the question, “What is the North to Me ?”,…….. the cry of the loon seems to be slip sliding away as we near our destination.

September 2017 – Impressions