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Participating in Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day

I was reading Photo Life Magazine and there was an article by Jenny Montgomery about Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day. I decided to participate using my Pinhole Can Screen & Camera Obscura Boxes (link).

Pinhole Can & Box 1

I created a number of these boxes when I was teaching the Media Literacy classes. I have more time to use the boxes now that I am retired. Some boxes are more effective than others. I had trouble finding them; my wife wanted to tidy up/toss the trash. They were put away in odd corners.

Pinhole Boxes Antq1

Using a dark plastic bag to cover the box and hood the box’s eye/camera lens slot, you can better understand the early photographers. That was the reaction my students had. They were also startled by such a simple set-up creating this amazing image – no software, electronics or chemistry. Just the power & properties of light.

Pinhole Can & Box 2

Here are some of the results. The only modifications include rotating & cropping the images and re-sizing adjustments. The pinhole image is projected on a wax-paper screen that is part of a tin can. I used both my regular camera and cell-phone camera to capture those pinhole images. The first two are were captured with the cell-phone camera.

Pinhole Cellphone Shot1

You can see in these images some of the interior of the cardboard box and the wax-paper screen’s rough edges and ripples .

Pinhole Cellphone Shot2

The blend of the pinhole image characteristics and the wax-paper screens creates a luminescent water colour quality. There is also a harsh element that suggests older photographic processing/aging.

Pinhole Street Vista1

Street scenes and house fronts are bent with a ghostly glow within the cardboard Obscura box.

Pinhole Street Vista2

Pinhole Front Yard

Vehicles and buildings are both familiar colourful shadows and vague distant dreams.

PinholeHouse & Car 1

Pinhole Trailer1

The view of the backyard from the window reveals a faerie world that can only be reached through the light in the magic of the cardboard box.

Pinhole Window1

Pinhole Garden Doorway1

Pinhole Vista1

This 700th post is done. All that is left is to decide which one to submit for World Pinhole Day. Which one should I choose? What do you think?


Winter in A Pinhole Box2

These three images clearly show the pinhole projections on the wax-paper screen and the interior of the box. While the pinhole images lack clarity, the texture of the material is very detailed.

The final image was modified to emphasize the textures.

Winter in A Pinhole Box

I had promised to post some pinhole winter shots.  Here is the first set. This is my first experiment using the pinhole box to digitally capture the images in the winter. Outside of rotating, cropping and framing, I avoided altering the actual images. What you see are what was projected on the wax-paper screen in the cardboard box.  For more information on the pinhole box check my page on Constructing Pinhole Can Screens and Boxes.






For more on this process see my posts on my Media Literacy Blog.




Pinhole Views

These are a few pinhole images that I have modified.  These are digital captures of pinhole images that are projected on a wax-paper screen.

A Pinhole Afternoon in June

These images are digital capture of pinhole images projected on wax paper. For more information see my page on Constructing Pinhole Can Screens and Boxes.