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Surreal Thursday: Passion Fruit & Mushrooms Revisited

Mushroom Sept6 2012 Mtnsp


I noticed that one of my older posts, Surreal Thursday: Passion Fruit and Mushrooms , had popped up as a top post. So for this Surreal Thursday, I am revisiting  the images through some digital  reconstructed reality.

Surreal Mushroom Revisited


A screen capture of the post included some icons of recent blogs I have visited. They include the following posts (links open in new window/tab, make sure to visit and view the original compositions).

Wordless Wednesday – it’s still Wednesday isn’t it?

Charmed Innocence

Mad Catter

Free Write Friday ~ My Breast Cancer Journey on a Jazz Lit Canvas featuring Coltrane’s “Softly, As In a Morning Sunrise.”

Bar Noir

Stars and Stripes

parking lot lines


Then and Now and Again


Surreal Mushroom Revisited 2


Surreal Passionfruit-Mushroom Revisited 3

Surreal Passionfruit-Mushroom Revisited 3p

Surreal Passionfruit-Mushroom Revisited 4p

Four summers have past since that original post. Even our digital remains reflect that time ticks off the seconds, while we are caught up in whatever holds our attention at the moment, a flower, a photograph , or preparing a post for our blog. We  think we are carving moments into permanence, while we are being twisted into new forms of self, like a flower becoming ripe fruit or a mushroom emerging from the the decay of a changing season.


passion fruit Sept6_ 2012 Mtw

Surreal Passionfruit-Mushroom Revisited 5p

lost here in summers-

past-petals fall quickly down,

twists of light remains


Our House – A Very Very Strange House



As mentioned in an earlier post, Our house is a very, very Strange House, full of odd items. They show up in unexpected places – sometimes they get there without anyone’s help. In fact, just looking around, I think they are taking over ………



Somethings are just under the surface.


An important announcement ……………………….





I am a Renaissance Man of the 21st Century .

I am a Renaissance Man of the 21st Century .

Mastering social media allows you to see the world from a different perspective, understand diverse cultural points of view and see how we can  all be united in our diversity.  Reach out and meet Others – share experiences & stories to learn from one another.

Sew So Sue - What a Yarn Spinner !

Sew So Sue – What a Yarn Spinner !


Sunshine Boys share stories about their occupations & hobbies.

Sunshine Boys share stories about their occupations & hobbies.


A Dragon for a Flagon

A Dragon for a Flagon – Pets & Homemade beverages are popular topics on the internet.


Make Connections Communicating Across the Internet .

Make Connections Communicating Across the Internet .

………..Well, as you can see, Liz held a puppet workshop with a group of grade nine students from V.F.J. (Elliot Lake Ontario) – some Things around the house got Out of Hand.




Implied Spaces: Fog in the Branches

Fog in the Branches MTtr



I am like fog between the branches

searching for implied spaces






Note: As a consequence of the Friday 13th effect, my attempt to archive another blog resulted in starting a new one.

It is called Implied Spaces. The content and approach will fall in a space somewhere between this blog and the Dark Pines Media Literacy.

Since my original plan was to devote more time to the media literacy blog, this is going to be a challenge. In an effort to be less erratic in posting, I may alternate between the three blogs on a regular cycle. I will no doubt fall off that tri-cycle pretty quickly. Lets All enjoy the ride while I(t) lasts.

House Cleaning

House cleaning Grid 1

House Cleaning – Organizational Grid

I am in the process of House Cleaning the  blog and have made some modifications. There is a new page added –

Photography & Media Resources

– it has all the links to texture resources and the free plugins that I have come across. It also has links to alternative photography processes and other Media Literacy resources, including those from my (old) teacher’s web-pages.


You will notice that the arrangement on the main blog page has been modified with different elements moved to footers or the sidebar. I do have some concerns with the set-up, so any suggestions would be appreciated.


One of the problems I have is I tend to think like a teacher. I want to share and organize lots of resources. As a consequence, I created an extended set of (blog roll) links covering a range of categories.   My frustration comes from not being able to split up these links into separate footers. It is either just one category or all of them.  That is why I created the extra page to reduce categories of links.  



Now wearing my Media Literacy hat, and keeping in mind I am a polite older Canadian, I have some blogging etiquette question and a small (sorry) rant. Some of the blogs in my list are no longer being updated with new posts.  There is no indication if or when they may become active again. What is a reasonable time to keep the link ? Should the links be kept on a separate page ?  I know that some bloggers’ posting becomes more infrequent over time; I am now slowly getting my Media Literacy blog into a more active state.  So much of social media depends on immediacy, interactive response and the exchange of ideas/information, that anything that become static or sporadically active gets lost in the ocean of ever-growing data.


We all like followers and getting likes & comments. It is part of the feedback in this form Social media that re-enforces community, community and self-esteem.  However, my  Media Literacy analysis-radar has noticed the appearance of an old ghost in a new form, the dreaded Phantom Referrers ( See: Doc WordPress vs. The Phantom Referrers! ). I have noticed I have gotten a number of likes and a few followers who are not, really people/fellow bloggers.  When you check their profile or their blog what you find is a marketing page of some form. A few go as far as to actually do posts on their services or products. Others just re-direct you to commercial sites.  

phantom Referrer-two


It is a clever marketing ploy, in that they get free links on your blog  through the likes and the My Community list. It also extends their presence for search engines.  The likes are not checked for spam so they are safe. They are Phantoms who hide in plain sight. I do not see a method of removing them without going to WordPress support and notifying them of the situation. Technically, they are not really breaking the rules, just taking advantage of the set-up to spread themselves across the internet . I am tempted to do another Phantom Referrer Pulp/Gothic Tale incorporating some of these blogs, but that would just give them more free advertising.

"Rosie the Riveter" "We Can Do It" 179-WP-1563 WWII Poster

Note: No actual physical housework was done in the creation of this post. Perhaps tomorrow.


House cleaning Grid  2

House cleaning Grid – Time Schedule

No Comment

No Comment frm

Well I have discovered I have a little blogging problem.  I am unable to post comments on other blogs. If some of you are wondering at my absence or why only the likes are showing up it is not because I have not commented .

The comments just don’t appear. No awaiting moderation. Just never show up. Even the Reader does not work when I tried placing comments on subscribed  blogs. I have tried multiple times on various blogs and the results are the same. I tried a different computer to see if that was the problem, but it does make any difference.

I was able to post on the help forum, but have received no  support.  I have not been able to send a message to support for direct help. Can we no longer contact support directly or is this another symptom of the glitch ? Has anyone else noticed any problems in the last week ? Any suggestions for fixes ? Have all my comments been labeled spam or is this some other type of glitch ?  Any help would be appreciated.