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Getting a Handle on It in Monochrome

Getting a Handle on It


Getting a Handle on It 2

Construction Zone in Monochrome

Construction Zone Monochrome 1


Construction Zone Monochrome 2


Construction Zone Monochrome 3


Construction Zone Monochrome 4

Fall Colours in The Construction Zone


Construction ZoneFlow 1

Headed down to RockHaven School for Exceptional Students for the Thanksgiving Luncheon, when we encountered a bit of construction – reducing traffic to one lane (most of  students and part staff will take this route everyday there and back if they reside in  Elliot Lake ). Took advantage of being in the passenger’s seat to get a few shots of the Fall Colours. It was an overcast day – lighting led to experimenting with camera settings followed by some processing adjustments and further creative choices – combining some different effects and settings.

Construction ZoneFlow 2




Construction ZoneFlow 3



Construction Zone Lane Change



Construction Zone Clr 1

Construction Zone Big Dig

Construction Zone Clr


Dreams of Cars

Dreams of Cars 1 MT

What do cars dream of

When they sleep ?

Are they shiny & new,

All very sleek ?

Full of memories or tomorrows trips,

Waiting to roll out


Beyond the horizon slip.

Car City Wall

Car City Wall WRTT

The original images were taken in London Ontario. I created the brick wall using a mix of textures and a plug-in.  The completed image represents the urban environment, concerned with housing and conveying people, or is it their vehicles that are the top of the priority list / food chain ?