Cedar Waxwings Pit Stop

The flock of Cedar Waxwings makes their annual pit stop and fills the neighbour’s crab-apple tree.   The cats were not around for the visitation.

Range True waxwings (3 species) inhabit subarctic and temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere and are migratory. In Canada, 2 species occur, the cedar waxwing (Bombycilla cedrorum) and bohemian waxwing (B. garrulus).

Description Waxwings are small passerines (perching birds), 15-19 cm long, that have very soft plumage dominated by rich fawn or soft grey coloration, with shadings of chestnut. Waxwings have a black throat and band across the eyes. The secondary wing feathers often have waxy red tips, from which the name is derived. Wings and tail are greyish. The bill is short, thick, slightly notched and hooked. The crest is prominent.

(from The Canadian Encyclopedia)