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Winter Pauses on The Bench – The Bus has Gone





Masked Trio : It’s Too Darn Hot

Masked Trio - Too Darn Hot 1


Masked Trio - Too Darn Hot 2 fr

The Heat Advisory from Environment Canada has been lifted, however, with the added humidity & the temperatures still a bit above normal for this time of year,…… there are some who still feel that it’s too darn hot. The furs prepping for winter don’t help.



Masked Trio - Too Darn Hot 3fr

Masked Trio - Too Darn Hot 4

Surreal Thursday: Box Camera Photos Taken While Dreaming

abstraction-sphere  5fr

Label this one “Box Camera Photos Taken While Dreaming”.

I remember it as if it was yesterday, I took the old box camera with me beyond the fields we know to where the dreams border the fable farms and faerie courts ramble in the moon glens.


abstraction-sphere 6fr

The boughs of the synchronicity willows were heavy with fruit. The Abstraction Spheres were swollen and ripe. They drifted down , leaving a scented trail of moebius strips. Bobbing up and down, they hung in the air vibrating to the music of the faerie as they played.

Dancers spin wild delight

rhythms of Morpheus weave shadow-spheres

colours twist to musicians’ magics

spell -hoard , crystal strings sing,

soul-anchor slides into the depths,…….



abstraction-sphere 7fr

Where was I,…. ah yes, just place them over there next to The Mirror of The Martian Muse and The Unicorn Tail Rug.


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Surreal Thursday: The Knit One, Surreal Two Tango

Knit Surreal1

Knit Surreal 2

Knit Surreal 3

Textured Text: Junk-mail Abstracts of Far Away Places

Junk Mail Abstract - Paris Wine

Paris Wine: Junk Mail Abstract

As I continue working with this series of of Junk-Mail abstracts different associations come to mind. The process is a bit improvisational, like jazz or free verse  – certain colours or patterns suggest something and I start building and tweaking the elements to better fit the developing theme.  I ended up with three pieces that I have come to refer to as “Far Away Places”.

The colours in the first composition reminded me of Paris Cafe posters & those art travel posters from the 1960s. One of the Junk-mail elements included wine bottles.  This helped complete the piece. Just imagine that it is very expensive French wine. Take a few sips and enjoy the dancers ( in wide screen HD),  Joachim and Michelle, as they tango to Cinema Paradiso ( composed by Ennio Morricone ).




Junk Mail Abstract -Mediterranean

Mediterranean Mural; Junk-Mail Abstract


The colours and textures in the second composition suggested to me a Mediterranean  mural . The association of travel & voyages is emphasized by the inclusion of old map graphics . These far away places also bring to my mind pieces of music.  My parents came of age during the Depression & the War years.  They loved dancing & my mother had a beautiful singing voice. One of the songs that she sang and to which they danced was “Far Away Places”. The song was composed by Joan Whitney and Alex Kramer ( a Canadian ) and published in 1948.

The song was recorded and released by two  different singers  from separate recording companies. It was recorded by Bing Crosby and sat on the Billboard charts for 18 weeks. Margaret Whiting also recorded it at the roughly the same time and her rendition remained on the charts for 15 weeks.  Both versions were simultaneously hits in December of 1948. Gone are the days when a song gets multiple releases by different artists and hits the charts multiple times. I have included Whiting’s rendition in this post because I associate the song with a woman’s voice.


Junk Mail Abstract - Tropical Dance

Tropical Dance: Junk Mail Abstract

This last composition grew out of another sequence I am presently working on.  One piece in particular had intense tropical colours that fitted well with the subject matter of the various tropical plants ( taken at  The  F. Jean MacLeod Butterfly Gallery in Sudbury Ontario).  I had used a Junk Mail Abstract  as a layer in the processing.  As it would happen, some of the lettering came through and it reminded me of the type one might see on cargo crates.  Tropical days & nights, flowers & bananas, passion & music come together with deep greens, violet blues, yellow & fiery orange. Parts of the Junk Mail became swirling kaleidoscopic patterns, with words & letters entwined,…. like steps to a dance. Time for another tango; this one full of intense passion as David & Kim Benitez move to Astor Piazzolla’s Oblivion.