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Existential Friday: Spider-man Zombie

Natasha went to the Halloween Dance for our Special Needs community, which was held  at the Elliot Lake Moose Hall – Mom did make-up  and I enhanced it a bit for the photo. Character choice was Natasha’s.


Surreal Thursday: What the Doctor Ordered


Surreal: having the disorienting, hallucinatory quality of a dream; unreal; fantastic, phantasmagorical, uncanny, intense hyper-reality, unexpected juxtapositions and non sequitur. Characteristics associated with art and literature created by founders and followers of cultural movement known as Surrealism.

( The video came to my attention by way of Mobius Faith’s blog, On Being and Becoming. Make sure to check it out. )













Creepy Spooky Lovely Nice




This post is a salute to Ashley’s blog , Syncopated Eyeball; the blog tag line is Creepy Spooky Lovely Nice.  The shots are all back stage scenes of  the Elliot Lake’s Roundabout Puppeteers.  The first three shots were from this year’s production, while the Ghostly Groot-Tree was from last year.  The second  shot was taken by my son Alex and the last shot was taken by Cora Richer.  I processed the compositions using a Gothic-Zombie effect.

Some Things to Consider
















Screen Shot Girl !










Cephalization made whole



in his company,……



the lady contemplates her image,



and reads carefully.





Surreal Thursday: Dream of The World

Dream of the World

So The World Dreams now,

whimsical wonders waltz  here

– curves between corners.


Man made signs are written here. The prominent text is found on inexpensive sandpaper. When life is finished, then you must protect the child and prepare a place for her. Eye-Open-in-Sleep offers a totem to the sky. He saw the Stone Dog appear in the earth, air, fire, and water, by using the Sanctuary of the Shell.

A mesmerizing conviction which blew to them like a trumpet rips through the veil of complacency.

The sea rises with the moon.

So, is it so potentially toxic and traumatic, that it requires a graphic content warning?


For the sake of our children, the Man of Soul-Medicine  so named  the people who dream of the star-object,  Kissed of The Clouds; this is the final unchanged message of the Major Trumps. They are referred to as the tribe of the sharp small ample wings with broad noses. Only a little of the Grains of Truth, and many of the large-scale shades, by tooth traders were also thought to be lost, before its rediscovery — and indeed unchangeable .

As —in respect of its design, it has been partly described already regarding its deeper sense. It represents also the perfection and end of the Cosmos, the secret which is within it raises the rapture of the universe, burns holes among the galaxies. Nature walks where the horizon curves  past the corners of civilization – Griffons guard the edges.



It requires the woods,
In more good to the stars;
Awareness of all restored.

It’s happening.
It is when sacred dream law calls
And is declared.

Sons of optional streams –

in evening stages  are together;
But when they are kept apart, the World weeps storms.
Where is perhaps the fact that we should  find second sight;
In particular, on such a day  when butterflies return to kiss sweet petals ?

In addition, there is the fact that is required –

a song that reaches elevated states

that this message previously discussed

opens  macro-cosmic Nature.

Joy to them who too sees and understands the Dream story –

All Mornings rise, when one is so blessed by sapphire dragon wings –
When they were taken higher,
Without incident  or  worse beguiled by false words.

Aunt says the card holds Truth;
This is an example of a half  Node of Time – symbolizes the spirit of perfection,
Concept’s Magus.
Sea Owl is above The One.
Self-knowing (nature) has been given;
The divine material is reflected in the people

This represents the highest degree of the Intuitive Initiation; another accounts for dream journeys which lead us . Only then does consciousness rise and stays pure till we awaken to the dream of our daily drudgery –  some say that it represents the absolute, which is ridiculous. The figure has been said to stand for Truth lastly. She has been called to select Crown of the Magi for those who seek a Dream Path among Morpheus’s stone shadows and scented songs.