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Orchids & Tulip





Orchid Flower-grams March 2016

Orchid Flowergram 1


Orchid Flowergram2

Flower-grams: February 2015

Flower-gram Print 2015 JMGRk


Flower-gram Print 2015 JMTRk

Flower-grams on Textured Text – Antique

Flower-gram on Antique Mystery Map27Q


Flower-gram Lily on Antique paper


Flower-gram on Antique Symbols18Q


Flower-gram Lily on Antique paper 2


Flower-gram on Taped damagedSksp sour dough map

Flower-grams: The Rose & The White

Rose1 flower-gram Mtt


White flower-gram mt


Rose 2  flower-gram fr


Another set of  flower-grams based on some recent photos of garden flowers. The miniature rose turned into more abstract impressionistic compositions, still keeping elements of the antique flower-gram style that I was aiming for. The small white flower has more of an alternative photo process  quality to the central element of the composition.