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The problem with evaluating the current impact of new  Mass Media technology on the “younger generation” is how to separate the cause from the effect. Obviously, new forms of Mass Media alters how people process information on an individual level, as well as alter social-group behaviour. There is, however, an added component; the business interests of the various dominant Mass Media also attempt to influence target audiences as the companies adapt to changing markets. The companies try to shape behavioural trends to their advantage, while chasing the largest demographic group as possible. 


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So here is the question – is the apparent dumbing down of news reporting to a form of entertainment a natural consequence of the changing Mass Media Technology ?  –   Or is it an economic/business choice of least resistance by large Mass media companies struggling to remain viable ?



As a consequence, is in-depth news analysis no longer of value to those below the age of 40 or do they seek that analysis from other sources than the traditional news outlets ?



All Mass media contain Values, Beliefs & Ideologies.



The view from the wilds

suggests re-imagined

Truth – forest of clicks

– differing Opinion –

shouting justification.


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View from the Wilderness in B&W

View on Horne Lake
View on Horne Lake


Elliot Lake  viewed from Sheriff Creek
Elliot Lake viewed from Sheriff Creek



Elliot Lake Towers viewed from Sheriff Creek
Elliot Lake Towers viewed from Sheriff Creek



The community of Elliot Lake Ontario is never far from nature or what dwellers of Southern Ontario consider the wilderness. The view from the wilderness suggests something a bit different from urbanites’ expectations.

trees rise touching sky –

life grows, spreads across rough hill

horizons – green shores