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Elliot Lake Treeline 2

Tree Line - roof Top 2 Mt

Prior to the settlement






coming before







– an Ojibwa village existed –




the present

( TIME )



( Sacred Place of Healing )




the Lake’s shoreline.

You Look at the Treeline.

What do you see ?


[citation needed] = ( Legal Justification ) to the power of 2




Elliot Lake Water & MW Towers Antique


The City was Established !

{ Legal Fanfare }

as a planned community .

They love it when a plan comes together.


Here comes the…….the….. the mining industry


[ A posteriori knowledge ]

The Discovery of Uranium !

In the area

– See Ojibwe



after the SMALL Lake.

Who named the lake after Elliot ?

Who was Elliot ?

A Pirori,


Anishinaabe .

Community’s Northern Edge


The Southern shore of the Lake.

The Lake came first,

A Priori.

Look at the treeline again.

A Priori.

Who dictates the curve of the streets ?

Who commands

the incline

of the Rock ?




Tree Line -  Elliot Lake 2 MtBrd


Hands – A Mystery 2

Marked Hand


Hand Can1


Marked Hand 2


I have been exploring some processes & effects that link modern mass media with some of humanity’s earliest  interpretations  & depictions of both the natural world &  inner world. There have been experiments with intentionally degrading audio by making copies of copies to reduce the sound to a basic form.  I tried to do something similar  with recent photographs of my hand. By making line copies of the original image over and over and then layering them together I created line images that have the characteristics of  entoptic imagery.


Hand Can 2


As reported in the earlier post ,    one type of entoptic imagery is called a ‘form-constant’ by some scholars, is also produced beyond the eye in the visual cortex. These images are generally geometric in pattern and originate in the nervous system.  What is of interest to those in the fields of anthropology and the historical development of art & mass media is how these geometric patterns,  which have their roots in altered states of consciousness,  can be seen in the artwork of a variety of indigenous cultural groups. In fact such patterns are part of the early cave art  that can be found in a number of locations around the globe.


Marked Hand 2L


I find it very intriguing that by intentionally degrading an image using modern mass media  methods you not only reveal an inner pattern , but that these new images share in the characteristics of early sacred tribal art that appears to be universal . Are we imposing meaning or are we revealing the inner codes and conventions of our perceptions of reality ? Tony of  Xraypics has been exploring a similar line of creative expression through his manipulation of x-ray photographs.  Starting with images that reveal the inner physical reality of an individual’s health, Tony goes on to explore the social & psychological realities beyond the body.  As I commented to him earlier, we are, through the use of modern mass media, simply painting our visions on the walls of our digital caves.


Hand Can 5

Hands – A Mystery

Hands -Mystery 1

Entoptic images are visual effects which originate within the visual processing system of the observer. The term ‘entoptic’ comes from the Greek for ‘within vision’, indicating that the images come from anywhere within the optic system, between the eye itself and the neural cortex where signals from the optic nerve are interpreted. Since it originates within the visual system, entoptic imagery can only be seen by the observer.


Hands -Mystery 2


Another type of entoptic imagery, called a ‘form-constant’ by some scholars, is also produced beyond the eye in the visual cortex. These images are generally geometric in pattern and originate in the nervous system. They may be interpreted and enhanced by the observer as a particular image or pattern, in which case they are considered visual hallucinations. These phenomena can easily be seen by the observer, but cannot be seen at all by anyone else. Images such as these are often observed in altered states brought on by the use of entheogens, trance states induced by meditation, fasting, drumming, and so forth,………..


Hands -Mystery 3

………the images one sees when working with entheogens or entering a trance state are a result of heightened awareness. Entheogens allow the individual to perceive things that are there all the time but that he or she never notices because of distractions coming from mundane physical reality. Neurons are firing in the visual cortex at all times without stimulation. These firings are supposedly random, but it is possible that in the trance state the mind becomes capable of recognizing patterns in these firings. It is possible that these patterns are present at all times, but our usual conditioning prevents us from noticing them in non-trance states. So, perhaps the form-constants are the patterns in these non-stimulating firings and the trance state allows individuals to recognize them………..



Entoptic Imagery and Altered States of Consciousness



Also of interest – Art, Shamanism and Entropic Images (Gallery)




Toward the Horizon – Manitoulin

Toward the Horizon KdCH1N


Went up to the Fire Tower Lookout (Elliot Lake, Ontario) and took a few photos. With the elevation you can see a considerable distance. Floating in the mist, just above the horizon line is Manitoulin Island. Rightly so is it named. “Manitoulin”, an Anishinaabemowin word (the Ojibwe language ), means the island of Manitou. Here dwells the Great Spirit.


Toward the Horizon 3 KdCHN


Great indeed is The Island. It is the world’s largest island that is situated in fresh water lake. Manitoulin Island itself has 108 freshwater lakes, some of which have their own islands; in turn several of these “islands within islands” have their own ponds. Lake Manitou (about 104 km 2 – 40.5 sq. mi.) is the largest lake in a freshwater island in the world, and Treasure Island in Lake Mindemoya is the largest island in a lake on an island in a lake in the world. [ Source link ]


Toward the Horizon 4 KdCHN


It hangs on the horizon calling in the mist. A realm of sky, water, tree & stone, where spirits dwell. It beckons us to cross vast distance. Fly over wide wilderness. To seek a greater beauty & find peace. Our vision always moves towards the horizon. We are all drawn to our own Manitoulin.


Toward the Horizon 2 KdChN



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Letting the Spirit Soar

Arts on the trail was held in Elliot lake September 24 & 25 this year. As part of the art exhibit and sale, the local schools were asked to participate.  My wife, Elizabeth Kanski, is the art teacher at E.L.S.S. . Her grade nine and grade eleven art classes participated in this exhibit by producing collaborated mixed media murals based on famous Canadian paintings. There are a couple of things that make this a remarkable project. To begin with this was early in the school year, so the actual time frame for getting the murals done was about a week . For the grade nines, they are essentially working at an introductory art level. They have been exposed to some art in elementary school, but  the real formal art training has only just started their art classes in high school.

This year’s grade nines are also getting a new course designed by my wife.  It is coded as a Native Cultural course. It is an introductory Art course that emphasizes the impact and contributions of  First Nations culture to the Arts. The grade elven Art class is an open Arts and Crafts course that exposes students to a wide range of Art Media. This course was also designed by wife ; she designed all of the Art courses at our school based on Ministry Guidelines.

In order to produce the work, the students had to agree on which painting would be used as basis for their murals. The paintings that were selected were, “Medicine Wheel’ by Leland Bell, “Shaman & Disciples” by Norval Morrisseau , and ” Pine trees’ by Tom Thomson.  The next step was for my wife to break down each painting into quadrants. Each student was then given a quadrant to recreate using whatever medium they wished. The photographs in this post document their achievements.

The Grade Eleven mural was an award winner and will eventually be hung in Lester B. Pearson Civic Centre in Elliot Lake.

If you looked carefully at the first photograph you will notice another winner, Mariah Meawasige.  She is a senior student who will be taking the senior art class in second semester. She chose to enter some of her work and earned first place.

This is an example of how a dedicated teacher can direct and motivate her students to excel and participate in community. One last note, shortly after the Art exhibit, the school was able to get another teacher so that over flowing classes were balanced. As a consequence, the Grade nine class was split. The class was very demanding and now my wife has a bit less stress and a fellow Art teacher for support.