Existential Friday: Bye-Bye Birdy

With heavy heart I announce the passing of a social media platform -RIP~Twitter. 


Today was my liberation day, I deactivated my Twitter account. Could not see the point, either the whole thing will come down like a burning house of cards, or Musk will salvage something of it, and put up a paywall.


I will watch the mess from my Mastodon Account, which I had since the April. Yesterday, I helped my wife set up an account on another Mastodon art server. To find out who else has an account besides Liz, myself, and Stephen Fry, see “Anyone Here going to Mastodon?” on my Media Literacy blog.


What if Wednesday: moving spaces



What if users abandoned Twitter for an alternative social media platform ?


For those who do not visit my other blogs, I have recently set up an account on Mastodon, along with the other 203, 393 new active users, because of the uncertainty of what is happening to Twitter. Presently, my Twitter account is still active, but depending on future outcomes, I may be shutting down the Twitter account completely. My Mastodon account is  @JPK_elmediatmastodon.art.

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