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This is what the cold looks like

This is what the cold looks like –

Cold air moving .


This is what the cold looks like –

Catching the cold.






This is what the cold looks like –

Entering, the cold stomps tingling feet.



This is what the cold looks like

When the snow blanket is thin,

As the morning windchill

Scratches a minus 27 Celsius

on your cheeks and chin –

Oh, such lovely colours.


When it Snowed in Late November



The snow from November 29 quickly became a memory as mild temperatures and heavy rain washed it away. In the last couple of days snow returned with below normal temperatures. How long this will last, and what will be the degree of fluctuation in daily conditions is being heatedly debate, even among the meteorologists. We have been guaranteed weather for the foreseeable future.


Roof Top Views: December Snow




Summer – Engraved Memories



Step this way



To put these images from November 11 into perspective,  all the snow  & ice from the previous weeks has come and gone several times over.  What was left from just last week is nearly all gone –  temperatures above normal and it is being to look like early November. Tonight’s heavy  rain will  wash away the rest of the snow. Tuesday will bring temp swinging back to normal(?) December – light snow/rain perhaps. The bears are still being seen out and about.  Poor confused creatures here in Canada did not hear from Trump and his “experts” that there is no climate change.