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From Here to There


From here to there falls

blossoms swimming through still air –

floating memories.




Traveller Seeks Horizon



a gaze of longing –

Traveller seeks horizon’s line,

when  journey begins.





How Winter Dies


You ask me how does Winter die ?

I will tell you.

Winter dies in a hard gritty heap –

Spilling wet memories into

Tiny pools of cold reflections

That  escape into the warming air.

That is how Winter dies.


You ask me how does Winter die ?

I will tell you.

Winter dies crying frozen tears

That fall into tiny pools

That hide from the gathering rays of the sun –

Timidly reflecting the strength of the warming sky.

That is how Winter dies.

Winter Solitude


I saw the city’s towers on a luminous pale-grey sky;

Beyond them a hill of the softest mistiest green,

With naught but frost and the coming of night between,

And a long thin cloud above the colour of August rye.


I sat in the midst of a plain on my snowshoes with bended knee

Where the thin wind stung my cheeks,

And the hard snow ran in little ripples and peaks,

Like the fretted floor of a white and petrified sea.


   And a strange peace gathered about my soul and shone,

As I sat reflecting there,

In a world so mystically fair,

So deathly silent–I so utterly alone.


Lampman, Archibald (1861 – 1899)




Broken Memories


Standing outside the Veterinarian’s office on a Saturday –

taking random photos,

keeping my mind on composition and lines.


Will have to comeback later,

alone at home when the call comes –

an unexpected outcome,

the cat would not be coming home.


Memories & emotions break –

vivid colours and hard contrasts –

framed in a question;

How do you to tell sweet Downs daughter,

her  Zorro-cat won’t be coming home ?


Weeks later –

preparing images, composing lines –

still broken in hard vivid contrasts.