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Raccoon Rockets – Team Players

Raccoon Rockets 1


RR Players 2


ET Home Photos

ET Puppet Portrait Monochrome


ET Puppet Portrait 1

Surreal Thursday: Heads Up at The Table

Don Quixote - Puppet Head


Don Quixote Puppet Head 2


Don Quixote Puppet Head 3


Dulcinea Puppet Head 1


Dulcinea Puppet Head 2


First Nation Lady Puppet head 1


First Nation Lady Puppet head 2

Puppet heads conversing at the kitchen table. For more information, visit the Elliot Lake Roundabout Exceptional Puppeteers. Use the puppets tag in this blog to see more Surreal members of our household.

Surreal Thursday: Christmas Memories

December Frost 2015

As the New Year approaches, Christmas retreats into a surreal memory. Well, this Christmas in particular featured a few surreal moments. Winter could not quite make its way here. There were dribs and drabs that melted, and as Christmas neared, we had December frost.

Cristmas Lights Display 2015

The yard reminded me more of some of my childhood Christmases growing up in Southern Ontario, but even those were not quite that green.

Old Tyme Christmas 2015

In spite of the delayed winter weather, Christmas did arrive,…. and our goose was cooked. Quite an experience preparing and then hacking, um carving it up. The stuffing, that included apricots and raisins that had been soaked in Loganberry wine, prunes, apples, currents and even some bread, went well with the bird. One well braised bird – the wine was very effective.

Roast Goose1


Roast Goose 2


Roast Goose 3


We had a good friend, who had provided the goose, join us. Our endeavours at carving were very amusing, and our other guests at the table, Don Quixote and Dulcinea, seemed to enjoy the quest for goose meat.


Don Quixote - Puppet in chair MT


Dulcinea Puppet MTt


Well now just a memory, time to get ready for a New Year’s Eve promenade.


Puppet Couple1


Happy New Year to all.


Bunraku Head

Bunraku 1


Bunraku 2

Bunraku Head

I reached into the closet searching for more boxes of Kleenex-tissues and came up empty, but not empty-handed. A face stared back at me, one of Elizabeth’s puppet creations. There are many here and about to unexpectedly meet ( Daguerre Upon the Stair ) , between those from her art student days, her examples for her drama and art students and, now more recently, puppets, masks and costumes for her community theatre group Elliot Lake Roundabout Exceptional Puppeteers .


As I have said in previous posts, our home has, at times, become a surreal cacophony of art and found objects through which scamper cats and a curious dog, while the lizards watch with a zen-like wisdom.


shadow ghost-face smile

as glass eyes watch  knowingly –

a cupboard recluse

has friends in hidden corners,

whispering laughter reclines.



Bunraku face


Bunraku 3


Bunraku 3 Monochrome