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Baby Goth Blanket – Variations

Goth Baby Quilt 1 MT5



Goth Baby Quilt 2 MT


Based on my chat with leecleland ( See her Quilters’ Project 52 ) about my Noir View 6 post, I played around with the composition to create these three variations. Perfect baby blankets for your little Goth – Gothling ? – or even a Goth teen. The first & last images are a bit more mix media. Note how the head seems to float/hang in the final version. Pleasant dreams. 


Goth Baby Quilt 3 MT




Sault Street Scene Screens 2

This new set of Sault Ste. Marie On. Street screens features a different blend of effects. The first screen resembles a cyanotype.  For an example and tutorial on how to create an actual a cyanotype fabric quilt  visit the web-page.  The second image features The Roberta Bondar Park Tent Pavilion near the centre horizon line. (There are more images of the tent pavilion on the Art Deco Sault Ste. Marie  post. The image uses an old  coloured print texture that I blended into the image. It works with the with the blinds to enhance a sense of 3D. The last image uses a weave effect combined with another one of my textures.

Will be going back to the Sault this week for another medical appointment. Hopefully there will be time for some photography.

Surreal in the Black Cat Cafe

Here are five digital design pieces I have been working on. Experiments in technique. The first one was created using an image of an old poster of the Black cat cafe.

Nature in Abstract

Another experiment in blending nature photography with digital designs.  First another attempt at creating a digital quilt, which is followed by a more abstract pattern that incorporates a photograph of a dried maple leaf .

Digital Quilting: Garden and Car Photography

The work on this year’s school calendar never ends. My wife and I have spent a good part of the summer on this. So has the school secretary, and she is coping with extra work brought on by the reduction in office staffing. We are running out of days. I have been working on graphic design techniques. Tried to make sure the images for each month has a unique style. I didn’t want to repeat the same thing over again. One technique I experimented with was creating digital quilt patterns. They didn’t suit the calendar.

Here are a couple of my own photographs with  some surreal quilt patterns. The garden shots are from this year. The car was in the local Canada Day Parade from a few years ago.

I used Redfield plugins to create the effects, including the stitching and the art media effect for the car shot.

The last composition is a bit strange.  I guess the molten glassy frame could be part of a mix media quilt, at least a digital quilt.